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Chinese Plant Names | Family List | Poaceae

Bromus Linn.


Description from Flora of China

Bromopsis (Dumortier) Fourreau; Ceratochloa P. Beauvois; Nevskiella Kreczetowicz & Vvedensky.

Annuals or perennials. Culms erect, tufted or with rhizomes. Leaf sheaths closed; leaf blades linear, usually flat; ligules membranous. Panicles spreading or contracted, branches scabrid or pubescent, elongated or arched. Spikelets large, with 3 to many florets, upper florets often sterile; rachilla disarticulating above glumes and between florets, scabrid or shortly hairy; glumes unequal or subequal, shorter than spikelet, lanceolate or nearly ovate, (1–)5–7-veined, apex acute or long acuminate or aristiform; floret callus glabrous or both sides thinly hairy; lemmas rounded on back or compressed to keel, 5–9(–11)-veined, herbaceous or nearly leathery, margins often membranous, apex entire or 2-toothed; awn terminal or arising from lemma between teeth slightly under apex, rarely awnless or 3-awned; palea narrow, usually shorter than lemma, keels ciliate or scabrid. Lodicules 2. Stamens 3. Ovary apex with appendage; styles 2, arising from lower front of appendage. Caryopsis oblong, apex hairy, adaxial surface sulcate. Chromosomes large, x = 7, 2n = 14, 28, 42, 56, 70.

In addition to the species treated below, Bromus pubescens Muhlenberg ex Willdenow (Enum. Pl. 120. 1809) was recorded by Jung et al. (Taiwania 51: 2. 2005) from a roadside at 2400 m in Taiwan (Nantou).

About 150 species: temperate regions, mainly in the N hemisphere, also on mountains in the tropics; 55 species (eight endemic, at least three introduced) in China.

(Authors: Liu Liang (刘亮), Zhu Guanghua (朱光华); Klaus H. Ammann)

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