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Chinese Plant Names | Family List | Thelypteridaceae

Cyclogramma Tagawa


Description from Flora of China

Plants medium-sized, terrestrial. Rhizomes short and strong, erect or long creeping, with grayish white unicellular short acicular hairs and few thick scales; scales brown, broadly lanceolate and with acicular and hooked hairs or along margins. Fronds clustered or sparse; stipes ± hairy or subglabrous; laminae oblong or broadly lanceolate, acuminate or pinnatifid at apices; pinnae large, alternate or opposite, lanceolate, proximal several pairs sometimes shortened into auricles, sessile or occasionally shortly stalked, middle pinnae pinnatifid; segments large, lanceolate or suboblong, entire, rounded-obtuse or obtusely pointed at apices. Veins pinnate, free, lateral ones simple, reaching margins above sinuses. Laminae herbaceous or papery, when dry brownish green or nearly brown, both surfaces ± with grayish white unicellular short acicular hairs and few hooked thick long hairs, aerophores present at bases of pinnae and abaxially on rachises. Sori small, consisting of few sporangia, orbicular, dorsifixed at middle or below middle of veinlets, arranged in one row on each side of costules, exindusiate; sporangia shortly stalked and with 1-3 erect short setae or hooked hairs on both sides of annuli near top. Spores bilateral, orbicular-reniform, perispores clearly echinate or corrugate on surfaces, exospore smooth. x = 9.

About ten species: mainly in mountains of subtropical regions; nine species (seven endemic) in China.

(Authors: Lin Youxing (林尤兴); Kunio Iwatsuki)

Lower Taxa


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