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Chinese Plant Names | Family List | Campanulaceae | Campanula

Campanula langsdorffiana Fisch. et Trautv. et Mey.


Description from Flora of China

Campanula linifolia Linnaeus var. langsdorffiana A. Candolle, Monogr. Campan. 279. 1830; C. chinganensis A. I. Baranov; C. rotundifolia Linnaeus subsp. langsdorffiana (A. Candolle) Vodopianova; C. rotundifolia var. langsdorffiana (A. Candolle) Britton.

Plants perennial, 10-40 cm tall. Roots carrot-shaped or cylindrical, up to 2 cm in diam. Stems several to many from a caudex, slender, branched or simple, glabrous or sometimes hirsutulous at base. Basal leaves (if present) ovate or elliptic, base cordate, petiolate; cauline leaves sessile, filiform or linear, 45-70 × 1-3 mm. Flowers solitary or several, terminal, ± pendent. Hypanthium glabrous (rarely hirsutulous), obconic, ribbed; calyx lobes linear or subulate, 4-10 mm, sometimes almost equal to corolla in length, reflexed after anthesis. Corolla pale blue, campanulate, 10-20 mm, glabrous; lobes ca. 1/2 as long to ± as long as tube. Style included. Capsule obconic or campanulate, 5-8 mm. Seeds brown, oblong or elliptic, slightly compressed, ca. 1 mm, smooth. Fl. Jun-Aug. 2n = 34.

This species is vicarious with Campanula rotundifolia Linnaeus of Europe, from which it differs in having fewer flowers and longer reflexed calyx lobes.

Usually on rocks in forests, also in alpine belts. Heilongjiang, Jilin, Liaoning [Russia (Far East, S Siberia)].


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