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Chinese Plant Names | Family List | Orchidaceae | Calanthe

Calanthe davidii Franch.


Description from Flora of China

Alismorkis pachystalix (H. G. Reichenbach ex J. D. Hooker) Kuntze; Calanthe bungoana Ohwi; C. davidii var. bungoana (Ohwi) T. Hashimoto; C. ensifolia Rolfe; C. furcata Bateman ex Lindley f. matsudae (Hayata) M. Hiroe; C. matsudae Hayata; C. pachystalix H. G. Reichenbach ex J. D. Hooker.

Plants usually clustered, 32-70 cm tall, without distinct rhizome. Pseudobulbs often enclosed in leaf sheaths. Leaves 3 or 4, well developed and spreading at anthesis, not deciduous; blade ensiform or lorate, 18-65 × 0.8-2(-5) cm, glabrous, with 3 main veins, apex acute; petiole-like base inconspicuous or sometimes forming a pseudostem 4-10 cm. Scape arising from leaf axil, erect, 30-120 cm, stout, densely puberulent; rachis 8-20(-30) cm, subdensely many flowered; floral bracts persistent, reflexed, narrowly lanceolate, 10-15 mm, abaxially puberulent. Flowers yellowish green or white, sometimes tinged purple. Sepals similar, reflexed, subelliptic, 6-9 × ca. 4 mm, abaxially nearly glabrous or densely puberulent, 5-veined, apex acute or obtuse. Petals reflexed, narrowly oblong-oblanceolate, 6-9 × 1.8-2.2 mm, glabrous, 3-veined, base clawed, apex obtuse or acute; lip adnate to entire length of column wings, broadly triangular, 6-9 × 4-9 mm, 3-lobed; lateral lobes oblong, falcate-oblong, or ovate-triangular, ca. 9 mm across their apices, apex obliquely truncate and obtuse; mid-lobe divided by a deep sinus into 2 lobules; lobules divergent, suboblong, narrower than lateral lobes; disk with 3 clusters of wartlike calli extending almost to sinus of mid-lobe; spur curved, cylindric, 5-12 mm, outside sparsely puberulent, inside densely puberulent. Column ca. 3 mm, thick, dilated toward apex, nearly glabrous or sparsely puberulent; rostellum 2-lobed; lobes ca. 1 mm; pollinia nearly pear-shaped or obovoid, equal in size, ca. 1 mm, with short caudicles; viscidium small. Capsule ovoid, ca. 13 × 7 mm. Fl. Jun-Jul, fr. Sep-Oct. 2n = 40, 44.

Forests, shaded places along valleys; 500-3300 m. S Gansu, Guizhou, Hubei, NW Hunan, S Shaanxi, Sichuan, Taiwan, SE Xizang, SE and W Yunnan [N India, Japan, Nepal, Vietnam].


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