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Chinese Plant Names | Family List | Orchidaceae

Calanthe R. Br.


Description from Flora of China

Alismorkis Thouars.

Herbs, terrestrial, small to large. Rhizome present or not. Pseudobulbs usually small, conic, ovoid, or subglobose, rarely inconspicuous or cylindric, with roots at base and a few leaves at apex; roots long, stout, pubescent. Leaves sometimes not well developed or not completely spreading at anthesis; blade rarely narrowly ensiform or lorate, ± plicate, but often convolute when young, base contracted into a petiole-like stalk or subsessile, sheathing, articulate or not. Scape arising from leaf axil or from base of pseudobulb, rarely from apex of leafless pseudobulb, erect, usually densely puberulent; inflorescence a terminal raceme, few to many flowered; floral bracts persistent or caducous. Flowers resupinate, small to medium-sized, often opening widely. Sepals similar, free. Petals often smaller than sepals; lip adnate to base of column wings and forming a tube, or adnate only to base of column, or to column foot and free from column itself, lobed or unlobed, base spurred or not; disk often lamellate or ridged, sometimes with callose appendages at base. Column often short and thick, without or with a short foot at base, winged, rostellum lobed or unlobed; stigma lateral; pollinia waxy, 8, in 2 groups, nearly equal or unequal in size; caudicle conspicuous or inconspicuous, commonly adherent to a sticky viscidium.

About 150 species: tropical and subtropical Asia, Australia, New Guinea, and the SW Pacific islands, as well as tropical Africa and Central and NW South America; 51 species (21 endemic) in China.

(Authors: Chen Xinqi (陈心启 Chen Sing-chi); Phillip J. Cribb, Stephan W. Gale)

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