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Moss China | Family List | Moss China V. 2 | Calymperaceae

2. Mitthyridium Robins., Phytologia. 32:432. 1975.


Plants small to medium-sized, yellowish green to brownish, in tufts. Stems repent, with ascending-erect branches. Leaves oblong to long-lanceolate or nearly linear, bordered all around with a band of elongate hyaline cells in a single layer (rarely multistratose), the border sometimes very broad and conspicuous, leaf margins usually toothed; cells of upper laminae isodiametric, smooth or papillose. Gemmae fusiform, borne on leaf tips, sometimes in a well-developed gemma receptacle. Setae elongate; peristome present. Calyptrae cucullate.

Mitthyridium is closely related to the limbate taxa of Syrrhopodon, from which it differs primarily in its border of hyaline cells only one layer thick and its repent stems with erect-ascending branches. Mitthyridium occurs primarily in the tropics, mainly at low elevations. Two species occur in China.

1 Leaves more or less lanceolate to broadly acuminate, mostly with conspicuously flaring shoulders; cancellinae truncate distally   1 Mitthyridium fasciculatum
+ Leaves more or less oblong, apex abruptly pointed, mostly lacking flaring shoulders; cancellinae somewhat rounded distally   2 Mitthyridium flavum

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