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Moss China | Family List | Moss China V. 2 | Calymperaceae | Calymperes

9. Calymperes strictifolium (Mitt.) G. Roth, Hedwigia. 51:127. 1911; Syrrhopodon strictifolius Mitt. in Seem., Fl. Vit. 388. 1873.


Calymperes tuberculosum (Dix. & Thér.) Broth., Nat. Pflanzenfam. (ed. 2) 10: 240. 1924. Syrrhopodon tuberculosus Dix. & Thér., J. Linn. Soc. Bot. 43: 303. 1916.

Plants pale, glaucous, brownish green, in loose tufts and cushions. Stems elongate; rhizoids glossy reddish brown, inconspicuous. Leaves mostly erect and straight wet and dry, 3–5 mm long, dimorphic, vegetative leaves linear, gemmiferous leaves linear-acuminate, bases slightly broader than upper laminae, axillary hairs indistinct; adaxial surface of costa covered with protruding papillae distally, smooth proximally; cells of upper laminae obscure, isodiametric, thick-walled, with tall multifid papillae abaxially and adaxially; margins of upper laminae thickened, covered with protruding-papillose cells, margins of lower laminae unistratose, irregularly denticulate by protruding cells; teniolae distinct at shoulders or often more or less obscured by papillose cells; gemmiferous leaves very narrow, consisting mostly of costa with narrow wings of laminae; cancellinae ending in acute angles distally. Gemmae common, adaxial on costa tip in a small, distinct gemma receptacle. Sporophytes unknown.

Type. Samoa, Tutuila, Powell s.n. (holotype NY; isotypes BM, FH, H, S).

Chinese specimens examined: TAIWAN: Botel Tobago, G. H. Schwabe 120 (IBSC, NICH).

Habitat: trees and rocks in forests at low elevations, 100–120 m; Distribution: China, Malaysia, Australia, and western Oceania.

This species is easy to recognize. Because of its strongly dimorphic leaves, with the costa and margins covered with protruding-papillose cells, it would be difficult to make an error in its identification. Calymperes strictifolium has previously been reported from China as Syrrhopodon tuberculosus Dix. & Thér. and Calymperes tuberculosum (Dix. & Thér.) Broth., both of which are synonyms of C. strictifolium.

Illustrations: Reese & P.-J. Lin 1991 (figs. 38–41).


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