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Pakistan | Family List | Pakistan V. 205 | Polygonaceae

2. Aconogonon (Meisn.) Reichenb., Consp. 162. 1828; Hara, Fl. East. Himal. 631. 1966; Grierson & D.G.Long, Fl. Bhutan 1(1): 154. 1983; S.-P. Hong in Acta Univ. Upsal. (Symb. Bot. Upsal. 30(2): 63. 1992.

Polygonum L. section Aconogonon Meisn. Monog. Gen. Polygoni Prodr. 43. 1826; Hook. f., Fl. Brit. Ind. 5: 49. 1886; Ronse Decr. & Akeroyd in Bot. J. Linn. Soc. 98: 337. 1988; Pleuropteropyrum H. Gross in Bull. Geogr. Bot. 23: 9. 1913; Munshi & Javeid, Syst. Stud. Polygon. Kashm. Him. 77. 1986.

Large shrubs or subshrubby perennials, rarely annual herbs . Leaves usually large and broad, ochrea tubular, eciliate, membranous. Inflorescence a branched panicle. Bracts (ochreolae) not tubular, very open. Flowers pedicellate, pedicel with or without articulation. Perianth 5-partite, eglandular. corolloid. Stamens 8, rarely less, outer sometimes shorter. Nectaries conspicuous but fused basally into a prominent disc-like structure, confluent with the bases of the stamens. Styles 2-3, usually very short, stigmas capitate. Nut trigonous with sharp angles, usually exerted or rarely inserted in the persistent enclosing perianth segments; rarely baccate in fruit.

A genus with about 18-20 species, distributed from North to South Asia, Japan and North America. Represented in Pakistan by 5 species.

1 Fruits baccate, enclosed by thick fleshy reddish-black tepals. Plants usually creeping to suberect.   2 A. molle
+ Fruits neither baccate nor enclosed by fleshy but normal thin tepals. Plants usually erect.   (2)
2 (1) Inflorescence of dense terminal panicle only.   (3)
+ Inflorescence of terminal as well as axillary panicles.   (4)
3 (2) Leaves ovate to obovate-lanceolate with cuneate or rounded base. Inflorescence with numerous dense flowered clusters. Pedicel not articulate.   4 A. coriarium
+ Leaves lanceolate to narrowly-lanceolate, attenuate at the base. Inflorescence not with dense flowered clusters. Pedicel articulate.   1 A. alpinum
4 (2) Stem usually unbranched, herbaceous. Leaves usually thick and fleshy, lamina 5-13 cm long, petiole 0.6-3.5 cm long. Flowers greenish.   3 A. rumicifolium
+ Stem usually dichotomously branched, ± woody. Leaves not fleshy, lamina 1.2-6.8 cm long, petiole 0.5-3 (-4) mm long. Flowers creamy white.   5 A. tortuosum

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