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Pakistan | Family List | Papilionaceae

Astragalus Linn., Spl.Pl. 755. 1753. Gen.Pl.ed.5.335.1754; Boissier, Fl. Or.2:205.1872; Baker in Hook.f., Fl.Brit.Ind.2:118.1876; Ali in Biologia 7:7.1961.

Astragalus affghanus

Herbs, undershrubs or shrubs. Leaf paripinnate or imparipinnate, rarely unifoliolate or digitately trifoliolate; leaflets entire, stipels absent; stipulate. Inflorescence racemose, spicate umbellate or solitary; peduncles generally axillary. Flowers bracteate; bracteoles present or absent; pedicellate or sessile, violet or purple to white or pale yellow. Calyx tubular, teeth subequal. Vexillum ovate, obovate, oblong, panduriform or sometimes appendiculate Wing and keel generally with long claws. Stamens diadelphous, vexillary stamen free, rest (9) united, anthers uniform. Ovary sessile or stipitate, glabrous or pubescent; style straight or incurved, stigma mostly terminal, sometimes penicillate. Fruit sessile or stipitate, 2-valved, unilocular, partly or completely bilocular by an intrusive membrane. Seed often reniform.

Astragalus is one of the biggest Angiospermous genera with about 1600 species widely distributed in the Old and the New World. In Pakistan it is represented by about 135 species.

Synopsis Of Sections And Species


Sect. Phyllolobium- Astragalus tribulifolius, A. hendersonii, A. heydei

Sect. Falcinellus- Astragalus amherstianus, A. eremophilus, A. bakaliensis, A. subumbellatus, A. scorpiurus

Sect. Coluteocarpus- Astragalus Coluteocarpus

Sect. Sesbanella- Astragalus falconeri, A. hoffmeisteri

Sect. Pendulina- Astragalus mirabilis, A. gahiratensis


Sect. Oxyglottis- Astragalus tribuloides, A. filicaulis, A. eremophilus, A. schimperi, A. oxyglottis

Sect. Poliothrix- Astragalus leucocephalus

Sect. Cycloglottis- Astragalus contortuplicatus

Sect. Swerzowia- Astragalus compositus

Sect. Ankylotus- Astragalus gracilipes, A. affghanus

Sect. Ophiocarpus- Astragalus ophiocarpus

Sect. Harpilobus- Astragalus corrugatus, A. campylorhynchus, A. hauarensis

Sect. Hemiphaca- Astragalus macropterus, A. densiflorus, A. melanostachys, A. clarkeanus

Sect. Christiana- Astragalus orthocarpus, A. zarghumensis, A. tephrosoides

Sect. Chlorostachys- Astragalus chlorostachys, A. bakeri, A. stewarti, A. concretus, A. maxwellii

Sect. Diplotheca- Astragalus graveolens

Sect. Heterozyx- Astragalus neubauerianus

Sect. Cenantrum- Astragalus frigidus, A. pseudochlorostachys

Sect. Himiphragmium- Astragalus oxyodon, A. maddenianus, A. himalayanus, A. strictus A. confertus

Sect. Lithophilus- Astragalus munroi, A. kashmirensis

Sect. Scheremeteviana- Astragalus scheremeteviana

Sect. Komaroviella- Astragalus jabbor-khailii, A. lowarensis

Sect. Malacothrix- Astragalus pseudo-beckii

Sect. Erionotus- Astragalus orbiclautus, A. chitralensis, A. polybotrys

Sect.Myobroma- Astragalus fernandezianus, A. concinnus, A. toppinianus, A. flexus, A. auganus, A. rhizocephalus, A. candolleanus, A. minutofoliolatus, A. gompholobium A. pyrrhotrichus, A. malacophyllus, A. webbianus, A. flemingii, A. staintonianus, A. rhizanthus, A. zanskaresis, A. pindreensis, A. nicharensis, A. purpurascens, A. gilgitensis, A. edelbergianus, A. sultani, A. sp. A

Sect. Cartillaginella- Astragalus retamocarpus

Sect. Chronopus- Astragalus albo-villosus

Sect. Mirae- Astragalus mirus


Sect. Podolotus- Astragalus hosackioides.


Sect. Aegacantha- Astragalus oihorensis, A. lasiosemius, A. leptus, A. psilocentros, A. lamondiae, A. pseudopsilacanthus, A. grahamianus, A. psilacanthus, A. hemsleyi, A. lamondiae, A. infestus, A. bicuspis, A. polyacanthus, A. oplites.


Sect. Platonychium- Astragalus strobiliferus

Sect. Macrothrix- Astragalus ghaznianus, A. neo-spinosus

Sect. Pterophorus- Astragalus ptilocephales


Sect. Poterium- Astragalus anisacanthus

Sect. Camplyanthus- Astragalus congestus, A. diopogon

Sect. Alopecias- Astragalus sericostachys

Sect. Eremophysa- Astragalus kahiricus


Sect. Hypsophilus- Astragalus nivalis

Sect. Chaetodon- Astragalus breviscapus

Sect. Cystodes- Astragalus medius


Sect. Caraganella- Astragalus trichocarpus, A. stocksii, A. koschukensis

Sect. Ammodendron- Astragalus squarrosus

Sect. Eudomus- Astragalus peduncularis

Sect. Xiphidium- Astragalus khalifatensis, A. droshensis, A. subuliformis, A. imitensis, A. xanthoxiphidiopsis

Sect. Onobrychium- Astragalus laspurensis

Sect. Proselius- Astragalus brahuicus, A. sykesiae, A. mangeri, A. holdichianus

Sect. Erioceras- Astragalus harsukhianus

Sect. Buceras- Astragalus hamosus

Sect. Harpocaulos- Astragalus fatmensis

Sect. Cystium- Astragalus skorniakovii

1 Hairs basifixed   (2)
+ Hairs medifixed   (7)
2 (1) Stigma penicillate   GROUP-A- (Astragalus)
+ Stigma not penicillate   (3)
3 (2) Fruiting calyx does not become inflated   (4)
+ Fruiting calyx become inflated   GROUP-F- (Astragalus)
4 (3) Leaf imparipinnately compound   (5)
+ Leaf paripinnately compound (raches hard and spiny)   (6)
5 (4) Endocarp of the unilocular fruit separating as a thin membrane enclosing the seeds   GROUP-C- (Astragalus)
+ Endocarp of the fruit not separating as a thin membrane   GROUP-B- (Astragalus)
6 (4) Calyx obconic, pointed at the base (sessile flowers in the leaf axils)   GROUP-E- (Astragalus)
+ Calyx not obconic   GROUP-D- (Astragalus)
7 (1) Fruiting calyx becomes inflated   GROUP-G- (Astragalus)
+ Fruiting calyx does not become inflated   GROUP-H- (Astragalus)

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