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Goldbachia DC., Syst. Nat. 2: 576. 1821. Prodr. 1: 212. 1824; Benth. & Hook. f., l.c. 101; Boiss., l.c. 243; Hook f., l.c. 166; Schulz in Engl. & Prantl, l.c. 575; Vas. in Kom., l.c. 236; Goode & Cullen in Davis, l.c. 479; Rech. f., l.c. 283.

Goldbachia verrucosa

Credit: Azmat

Annual or biennial herbs, branched, usually glabrous. Leaves oblanceolate or oblong-elliptic, sinuate-dentate to subentire; basal narrowed below; upper usually sessile, cuneate to auricled (amplexicaul) at base. Racemes few to many flowered, lax in fruit. Flowers small, white or pale pink; pedicels filiform, elongated, deflexed, not thickened. Sepals slightly or not saccate at base, suberect. Petals c. twice as long as the sepals, spathulate, apex rounded. Stamens 6; filaments not appendaged; anthers short, obtuse. Lateral nectar glands annular, apparently opened towards the outer side; middle present, joining the laterals. Ovary elliptic-terete, 2-4 (-6)-ovuled; stigma capitate, short, on thickened short style. Fruit quadrangular-ellipsoid or oblong-ellipsoid, often constricted in the middle and slightly curved, indehiscent but often breaking transversely into 2 halves or between the seeds; valves thick, coriaceous; seeds (1-) 2-3 only, usually 1 mature in each superimposed cells.

Probably only 2, chiefly Asiatic species.

1 Fruits generally 1-celled, without middle constriction, markedly beset with minute vesicles; pedicels much longer than the fruits   Goldbachia verrucosa
+ Fruits 2-celled, ± constricted in the middle, transversely rugose to smooth; pedicels c. as long as the fruits   Goldbachia laevigata

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