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Pakistan | Family List | Moraceae

2. Maclura Nutt., Gen. N. Am. Pl. 2: 233. 1818. (nom. conserv.); Benth. & Hook., Gen. Pl. 3: 363. 1880; Hutch., Gen. Fl. Pl. 2: 158. 1967; Corner in Dais. & Froth., Rev. Handb. Fl. Ceylon 3:223. 1981.


  • Ioxylon Rafin.

    Deciduous, dioecious, laticiferous trees or shrubs with axillary spines. Leaves petiolate, simple, alternate, mostly entire rarely toothed, eglandular, pinnately veined; stipules lateral, membranous, caducous. Male inflorescence peduncled, lax, ± capitate-umbellate, axillary pseudo-racemes. Male flowers: pedicellate; sepals 4, united below, lobes valvate; stamens 4, inflexed or straight in bud; pistillode subulate or absent. Female inflorescence pedunculate. dansely globose-capitate head or ± elongated spike. Female flowers. Sessile; sepals 4, united basally, lobos large, concave, unequal, obtuse, persistent, fleshy in fruit ovary sessile, obovoid, 1-loculed, ovule pendulous, style filiform, stigmatose nearly to the base, simple or shortly branched. Fruit a large globose etude of thinly pulpy drupes enveloped by fleshy sepals. Seed compressed, exalbuminous.

    Species c. 12, distributed in temperate and tropical America, Africa and Asia. Represented by a single introduced species in Pakistan.

    Lower Taxon

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