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Polygonatum Miller, Gard. Dict. abridg. ed. 4. 1754. Boiss., Fl. Or. 5: 331. 1882; Hook.f., Fl. Brit. Ind. 6: 319. 1892; R. R. Mill in P. H. Davis, Fl. Turk. 8: 81. 1984; Wendelbo in Rech. f., Fl. Iran. 165: 178. 1990; Conran &Tamura in Kubitzki, Fam. Gen. Vasc. Pl. 3: 192. 1998; Xinqi & Tamura in Zhengyi & P. H. Raven, Fl. China 24: 223. 2000.


Polygonatum multiflorum

Credit: Abrar Ali

Perennial rhizomatous herbs, sympodial. Stem erect. Leaves lateral, pseudoterminal, alternate, opposite or whorled, sessile or shortly petiolate, ovate-elliptic, linear to linear-lanceolate. Inflorescence axillary, umbellate, corymb or raceme-like or flower solitary; bracts present or absent. Flowers usually pendulous, rarely erect, bisexual, hypogynous; pedicels articulated at apex. Perianth segments 6, valvate, connate proximally, forming a tube. Corona absent. Stamens 6, adnate to perianth tube, anthers basifixed to dorsifixed, versatile. Pistil tricarpellary, syncarpous, trilocular, axile placentation. Fruit a berry, globose.

About 60 species, temperate parts of Eurasia and N. America, mainly from the Himalayas, China to Japan.

1 Leaves alternate, opposite or occasionally upper leaves in threes   (2)
+ Leaves whorled, 3-6 at each node, lower frequently alternate   (3)
2 (1) Leaves alternate   3 Polygonatum multiflorum
+ Leaves opposite, occasionally upper leaves in threes   2 Polygonatum geminiflorum
3 (1) Leaf tip cirrhose or curved   1 Polygonatum cirrhifolium
+ Leaf tip acute or acuminate   4 Polygonatum verticillatum

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