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Pakistan | Family List | Umbelliferae

Stewartiella E. Nasir, gen. nov.

Plantae polygamae et perennes, caule ramoso glabro. Folia plerumque radicalia longe petiolata. Umbellae terminales atque axillares compositae. Involucrum e bracteis linearibus deciduis. Bracteolae bracteis similes. Dentes calycis minuti. Petala alba. Fructus dorsaliter compressi, costis alatis, aequalibus, base latis, vittis minutis et circum seminem numerosis. Seminis superficies interior plana est.

Perennial, polygamous. Stem branched, glabrous. Leaves mostly radical, long petioled. Umbels terminal and axillary, compound. Involucre of linear bracts, deciduous. Bractlets similar to the bracts. Calyx teeth minute. Petals white. Fruit dorsally compressed; ridges winged, equal, broad at the base; vittae minute, numerous around the seed. Inner seed face plane.

Type species: Stewartiella baluchistanica E. Nasir.

This genus is named in honour of Dr. R.R. Stewart. It belongs to Ammineae and superfically resembles Rumia. The ridges of the fruit resemble those of some species of Prangos and also the numerous minute vittae but it differs in having a plane inner seed face and additional resin canals in the winged ridges. In Prangos the inner seed face is always concave or deeply sulcate.

Lower Taxon


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