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Pakistan | Family List | Umbelliferae

Torilis Adans., Fam. 2:99. 1763. Boiss., Fl. Or. 2: 1081. 1872; Hiroe, Umb. Asia 1: 34. 1958; Cannon in Tutin et al, Fl. Eur. 2:371. 1968.

Plants annual, hispid. Leaves 1-2-pinnate; segments linear to lanceolate or oval. Umbels terminal and lateral, pedunculate or sessile. Involucre of linear bracts or lacking. Flowers white to light purple. Fruit 2-6 mm long, prickly; primary ridges filiform; secondary ridges hidden by the spines which occupy the whole interval between the primary ridges; vittae solitary under the second┬Čary ridges; commissure 2-vittate. Inner seed face concave to sulcate.

A genus of about 20 species from the Mediterranean region to South and East Asia. A few species have been introduced in North and South America.

1 Bracts present. Rays 4-10. Spines on fruit incurved. Styles twice as long as the stylopodium   Torilis japonica
+ Bracts lacking. Rays 2-6. Spines on fruit glochidiate or subglochidiate. Style as long or longer than the stylopodium or very short   (2)
2 (1) Umbels sessile to shortly pedunculate, leaf opposed. Rays 1-2 cm long   Torilis nodosa
+ Umbels lateral, pedunculate; peduncles 2-5 cm long. Rays 2-4 cm long   Torilis leptophylla

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