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Pakistan | Family List | Ranunculaceae | Thalictrum

10. Thalictrum foliolosum DC., Syst. Nat. 1:175. 1817. Hook.f. & Thoms., Fl. Ind. 1:14. 1885, in Hook.f., Fl. Brit. Ind. 1:14. 1872, Mara, Fl. E. Himal. 91. 1966, 2:33. 1971 (Fig. 21, A-C).


Naturhistorisches Museum, Botanische Abteilung, Wien, Austria.


National Herbarium, Pakistan Agricultural Research Council, Islamabad, Pakistan.

Thalictrum foliolosum

Credit: S. Hameed

Perennial, 50-80 cm high. Stem glabrous or pubescent, simple or branched, smooth or ± terete. Leaves petiolate, petiole very variable in length, blade 3-5-pinnate, ovate-triangular in outline, leaflets 4-20 x 2-20 mm, ovate to suborbicular, base rounded or rarely ± cordate, apical leaflet trilobate with crenate or entire lobes, lateral leaflets ± regularly crenate or crenate-dentate, teeth or lobules obtuse, rarely accuminate, glabrous, rarely pubescent, sparsely glandular along nerves. Inflorescence in a simple subpyramidal panicle. Bracts similar to single leaflets or ternate, linear towards the apex, entire. Pedicels 2-10 mm, very slender. Flowers small, greenish. Sepals 4, 2-3 mm, elliptic-oblong, obtuse or subacute, distinctly veined, glabrous or pubescent. Stamens 10-15, filaments 3-4 mm, whitish, filiform, anthers yellowish, 2-3 mm, apiculate. Carpels sessile or with a very short stalk, at maturity 3 x 1 mm, ventral suture convex, dorsal suture straight or rarely convex, lateral ribs 6, simple, not very prominent. Style 0.5-1 mm, filiform, stigma covering the whole length of the style.

Fl. Per.: July.

Type: Nepal, Buchanan-Hamilton s.n.

Gilgit: A-7 Babusar, M.A. Siddiqi & V. Nasir 2827 (RAW), B-7 Hazara: Changla Gali, R.R. & I.D. Stewart 3935 (RAW), id., 19.8.49, R.R. Stewart s.n. (RAW), Naran, M.A. Siddiqi 2988 (RAW), nr. Sharan, 1.8.1983, S. Farooq s.n. (RAW), Kashmir: Bagh-Sudhan Gali, ± 5200', Y. Nasir & J. Branken 8529 (RAW), C-7 Rawalpindi and Islamabad: Ghora Gali, 6500', 3.10.1931, R.R. Stewart s.n. (RAW), Margalla, fls. whitish, 3700', Y. Nasir & R. Akhtar 10982, 10623 (RAW).

Distribution: Pakistan, Kashmir, eastward to Tibet, N. Burma.

Found from 1000 to 2500 m. Related to Thalictrum minus, but leaves generally more crenate, stems not striate and anther tips without a distinct mucro.


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