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34. Potentilla desertorum Bunge in Ledeb. Fl. Alt. 2: 257. 1830. Lehm., Rev. Potent. 90: 1856, Hook. f., Fl. Brit. Ind. 2: 355. 1878, Th. Wolf in Bibl. Bot. 71: 416. 1908, Juz. in Kom., Fl. USSR 10: 174. 1941, Schiman-Czeika in Rech. f., Fl. Iran. 66: 100. 1969, R. R. Stewart Ann. Catalogue W. Pak. & Kashm. 355: 1972, Dikshit & Panigrahi, Rosaceae Ind. 4: 220. 1998.

Muqarrab Shah

Department of Microbiology, Hazara University, Mansehra, Pakistan

Potentilla desertorum

Credit: Muqarrab Shah

  • Potentilla arnavatensis (Th. Wolf) Juz.
  • Potentilla desertorum var. arnavatensis Th. Wolf

    Perennial, generally erect rarely ascending herbs. Rootstock thick and woody. Flowering stem 20-40 cm. long, generally leafy, densely pubescent. Basal leaves 5-nate, digitate, upper 3-5 nate, petioles 5-15 cm. long, densely pilose and glandulose. Basal stipules ferrugineus, auricles linear-lanceolate, cauline stipules ovate-lanceolate, green, entire or divided. Leaflets 1.5-6.5 (-8.5) x 0.7-3.5 (-4.5) cm., obovate-cuneate, tru ncate, obtusely serrate, surface densely pilose with thick red glands rarely with white glands. Flowers 1-1.5 cm. diam., in terminal aggregates, pedicel small 5-7 mm. long, densely pilose. Sepals subequal, densely pilose with red glands, outer 0.5-1.2 cm., oblong-obtuse, inner 0.7-1.3 cm., ovate-acute. Petals yellow, obovate emarginate. Receptacle pilose. Stamens 20-25. Carpels numerous, styles 0.8-1 mm., coniform, very much thickened below and strongly papillose. Achenes ridged.

    Fl. Per.: June-August

    Type: Described from Arkat Mountains, Altai (LE).

    A-7 Gilgit, Rama Valley, T.E. Lankesror& T.A.S. Pearson 1398 (BM), Chitral, Gulun, Major S.M. Toppin 332 (K), Shokor Shal (Barum Gol), 22.6.1950, Wendelbo (K, BM, W), Chitral, Yarkhoon, Qarambar An Chat, 4362 m, rock crevice, Haidar Ali 3183 (KUH), Laspur Gol, between Laspur and Shandur Pass, c. 2800 m, sandy soil, suberect, flowers yellow, A. Ghafoor & S. Omer 3135 (KUH), B-7 Kaghan Valley, Naran 7800 ft., rocky slopes amongst shrubs, B.L. Burtt 950 (E), About 14 miles from Burawai on way to Gilgit, M. Qaiser & Azmat Ali 5371 (KUH), Lulusar, c. 4,000 m, Muqarrab Shah & Jamshed 294A (ABD), B-8 Baltistan, Satpura Nullah above Skardu, R.R. Stewart 20228 (RAW), Deosai Plains, c. 4,000 m, Muqarrab Shah & Jamshed 263 (ABD), Ghondokoro Glacier, E. Nasir & Webster 6109 (RAW), Kahsmir, Zoji La, Ladakh road, R.R. Stewart 21239 (RAW), Matayan, Hans Hartmann 2240 (G), Apharwat, c. 12,500 ft., grassy slopes, flowers yellow, O. Polunin 56/233 (BM), Dras F. Ludlow & G. Sherriff 8318 (E), Kishtwar, c. 12,000 ft, Thomson s. n. (K), Sonamarg, C. B. Clarke 30897 (K).

    Distribution: Russia (Siberia), Kyrgyzstan (Tien Shan), Kazakhstan (Altai Mountains), N. Mongolia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Kashmir and China (Xinjiang).

    A highly polymorphic species common on rocky slopes between 2500-4500 m.

    Collections from Chitral district are sparsely white glandulose and have reduced stem leaves.


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