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Pakistan | Family List | Tamaricaceae | Tamarix

10. Tamarix ramosissima Ledeb., Fl. Alt. 1:424. 1829. l.c. Pl. Fl. Ross. 3:17. 1831; Gorshk, l.c. 311; Schiman-Czeika l.c. 11; Baum, l.c. 42; Stewart, l.c. 490.


  • Tamarix eversmanni Persl ex Ledeb.
  • Tamarix gallica var. micrantha* Ledeb.
  • Tamarix gallica var. pallasii auct non Desv.
  • Tamarix odessana Stev. ex Bunge
  • Tamarix pallasii auct. sensu DC.
  • Tamarix pallasii var brachystachys Bunge
  • Tamarix pallasii var. minutijlora Bunge
  • Tamarix pallasii var. ramosissima* (Ledeb.) Bunge
  • Tamarix pallasii var. tigrensis Bunge
  • Tamarix pentandra Pall.

    Shrub or small tree, 1-5 in tall, with reddish or reddish brown bark. Leaves sessile, ovate or deltoid cordate, 2-4 (-5) mm long, 1-2 mm broad acute, somewhat subamplexicaul. Inflorescence aestival and vernal both, aestival densely compound racemes, vernal simple, loose, 1-5 (-7) cm long, 3-4 (-5) mm broad on 0.2-1 cm long peduncles. Bracts ovate, trullate, triangular 1.5-2 mm long, 0.5 mm broad, acute, acuminate, with denticulate margin especially in their lower parts, pedicel very small, 0.5 mm long. Flowers pentamerous. Calyx 0.75-1.25 mm long, sepals 0.5-1 mm long inner 3 much broader than the outer 2, ovate, acute, irregularly denticulate with somewhat scarious margin. Petals pink to pinkish purple rarely white, obovate-elliptic obovate, inequilateral, slightly notched at the apex 1.25-1.75 mm long, 0.75-1 mm broad, persistent. Stamens 5, filaments filiform 2.5-3 mm long, inserted in between the lobes of the disc i.e. mesodiscine disc, lobes of the disc deeply emarginate, insertion hypodiscal, anthers obtuse. Styles 3, clavate, connivent, ovary stipitate. Capsule trigonous, 4-5 mm long, 0.75-1 mm broad, dehiscing by 3 longitudinal slits.

    Fl. Per.: June

    Holotype: Altai Desert, Songer. ad lacum Nor-saissan, 1826, Politow (LE n.v.); Iso. (P,E); p.p., Cleptotype (K!).

    Distribution: Korea, China, Mongolia, Russia, Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

    This is a rare species in Pakistan.


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