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Pakistan | Family List | Hydrophyllaceae | Hydrolea

Hydrolea zeylanica (Linn.) Vahl, Symb. Bot. 2:46. 1791. Wight, l.c. Pl. Ind. Or. 2; t. 601. 1843; Clarke in Hook. f., Fl. Brit. Ind. 4:133.1883; Cooke, Fl. Bomb., l.c.; Maheshwari, Fl. Delhi 224.1963.

  • Nama zeylanica Linn.

    Erect or decumbent annual herb. Stem up to 50 cm long, sometimes rooting at the lower nodes, upper part of the stem glandular-pubescent, lower glabrous. Leaves alternate, lanceolate, 2-8 x 0.5-1 cm; petiole short. Inflorescence densely glandular-pubescent; flowers on short lateral racemes. Bracts leafy. Pedicel 2-8 mm long. Sepals 5, united at the base, segments imbricate; lanceolate, 5-7 mm long, glandular-pubescent, 3-nerved. Corolla blue, campanulate; petals 5, united, lobes imbricate, ovate, obtuse. Stamens 5, epipetalous, c. 3 mm long; filaments dilated at the base, 2 mm long; anthers sagittate, 1.5mm long. Carpels 2; ovary 2-celled; ovules many, placentation axile; styles 2, distinct; stigmas capitate. Fruit capsular, ovoid, 4-5 mm long, dehiscence irregular; seeds many, minute, oblong.

    Fl.Per.: October-November.

    Type: Described from India.

    Distribution: Tropical America, Africa and S.E. Asia.

    This species grows in wet ground and rice fields. It is a new record for Pakistan.


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