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Pakistan | Family List | Poaceae

Poaceae Tribe Zoysieae

Annual or perennial herbs. Leaf-blades flat or convolute; ligule a line of hairs or a membranous rim. Inflorescence a many sided cylindrical (‘bottle-brush”) spike or false spike (1-sided in Farrago), the spikelets single or in clusters of 2-5, these often heteromorphus or with involucral glumes, the spikelets or the spikelet clusters (modified racemes) falling entire from the tough main axis at maturity. Spikelets bisexual, 1-flowered, without rudimentary florets, sometimes ± reduced; glumes papyraceous to coriaceous, often asymmetrical, smooth or variously ornamented, awned or awnless, the upper as long as the spikelet, the lower often shorter or suppressed; lemma hyaline, 1-3-nerved, entire, awned or awnless; palea hyaline, usually a little shorter than the lemma; lodicules 2 or 0; stamens 2 or 3; stigmas 2. Grain with large embryo and punctiform hilum; starch grains compound. Chromosomes small, basic number 9 or 10.

Genera 12; tropics; 3 genera and 4 species in Pakistan.

An offshoot from Chlorideae in which the spikelets fall entire and are often considerably modified. The segregation of Perotis, in tribe Perotideae, is difficult to justify.

1 Spikelets with slender awns   Perotis
+ Spikelets without awns   (2)
2 (1) Clusters of spikelets sessile on the main axis; glumes adorned with rows of hooked spines   Tragus
+ Clusters of spikelets pedunculate; glumes tuberculate   Leptothrium

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