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Pakistan | Family List | Ranunculaceae | Ranunculus

16. Ranunculus rufosepalus French. in Ann. Sci. Natur. Ser. (6) 15: 217. 1883. Ovez. in Komarov, Fl. URSS. 7:407. 1937, Stewart, Ann. Catalogue Vasc. Pl. W. Pak. & Kashm. 273. 1972, Qureshi & Chaudhri, l.c. 174 (Fig. 28, E).


Naturhistorisches Museum, Botanische Abteilung, Wien, Austria.


National Herbarium, Pakistan Agricultural Research Council, Islamabad, Pakistan.

Ranunculus rufosepalus

Credit: S. Hameed

Perennial, subcaespitose plant, with short thickened ± oblique rootstock producing a row of fibrous roots. Stems 10-20 cm high, ascending, simple or with one branch, glabrous except the very tip. Basal leaves petiolate, blade roundish-cordate in outline, ternate, segments stalked, deeply 4-5-palmati lobate, terminal lobes subobtuse, roundish, glabrous. Stem leaves sessile with a sheath, palmatipartite, segments 3-5-palmatilobate. Petioles with reddish-brown hairs beneath the flowers. Flowers yellow, 1.5-22 cm in diameter. Sepals 5-6 mm, ovate, densely covered with reddish-brown to rufous hairs on the outer surface. Petals broadly obovate, cuneate, margin sometimes ± wavy. Achenes 2-2.5 mm, rounded ovoid, slightly inflated, glabrous, forming an ovoid head, inserted in a ellipsoidal-oblong, glabrous to sparsely hairy receptacle. Style up to 1 mm long, hooked at apex.

Fl. Per.: June-July.

Syntypes: Tolfam (Kohistan) Franchet 28, Tourpoly-Bell. n. 29, Falter de Valter de l’ Ona Oulgone n. 30.

Chitral: A-7 Chumar Khan Pass, 12000', Stainton 2908 (RAW).

Distribution: Pamir-Alai, Tien-Shan, Kashmir, Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Found in alpine zones up to 4200 m.


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