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Pakistan | Family List | Caryophyllaceae | Silene

17. Silene moorcroftiana Wall. (Cat. Herb. Ind. 526: 1828; nom. nud.) ex Benth. in Royle, Ill. Himal. Mount. 79. 1834. Rohrb., Monogr. der Gatt. Silene 192. 1868; Edgew. & Hook. f. in Hook. f., Fl. Brit. Ind. 1:219. 1874; Aitchison in J. Linn. Soc. 28.37.1880; Biatter, Beaut. Flow. Kashm. 1. t. 13. f. 2.1928; Wendelbo in Nytt. Mag. Bot. 1:29. 1952; E. Nasir in Biologia, 5.69. 1959; Mizushima in Kitam., Fl. Afghan. 166. 1960; Stewart, Ann. Cat. Vasc. Pl. W. Pak. & Kashm. 251. 1972.


  • Silene persica subsp. moorcroftiana (Wall. ex. Benth.) Chowdh.

    Caespitose plant with a woody stock. Stems 10-30 cm, ascending to ± erect, retrorsely pubescent to hirsute, with glandular hairs. Leaves pubesce basal ones rosulate, 10-45 x 1-3 mm, linear-lanceolate, apex acute almost mucronate, base attenuate, sessile; cauline leaves without attenuate bases. Flowers solitary Calyx 22-27 mm, cylindricalclavate, in fruit glandular-pubescent, teeth ovate; veins purplish, anastomosing at top. Petal white or pale pink; limb 6-7 mm, divided; claw 15-16 mm, exserted, auriculate. Coronal scales less than 1 mm, oblong. Carpophore 12-15 mm, glabrous. Capsule 11-13 mm, ovoid, about as long as the carpophore, included in the calyx.

    Fl. Per.: June-July.

    Type: Described from Ladakh, G.W. Moorcroft.

    Distribution: Afghanistan, N.W. Pakistan.

    A variable species as regards the glandulosity; found at altitudes of 2800-4000 m. S. nitorcroftiana is closely related to S. persica Boiss. which is mostly found in Iran and Afghanistan. It differs in its dense glandular pubescence, larger calyx and larger capsule. In S. persica the pubescence is largely eglandular, except for a few glandular hairs on the calyx.


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