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13. Geranium rubifolium Lindl. in Edwards. Bot. Reg. 26:t. 67. 1840. Knuth in Engl. Pflanzenr. 53 (iv. 129): 193.1912.


  • Geranium kishtvariense Knuth

    Perennial up to 90 cm or more tall. Stem striate, appressed pubescent-villous. Leaves palmatipartite, 30-100 x 45-140 (-153) mm, 5-angled; pubescent-pilose; segments ovate, acute-mucronate, irregularly serrate. Stipules 8-11 mm long, broad lanceolate-subulate, sometimes apex 2-fid. Petiole 4.5-13 cm long, appressed pubescent, densely so at the base of the lamina. Peduncle glandular hairy, (1-) 2-flowered. Flowers c. 2 cm broad. Bracts linear-lanceolate, 3-6 mm long, ciliate, pubescent, sepals 7-8 mm long, broad lanceolate to elliptic, pubescent-glandular hairy (especially on the nerves), 2.5-4 mm long. Petals pink, 1.2-1.3 (-1.7) cm long, obovate, pink; claw and filament base ciliate. Beak 18-20 (-25) mm long, pubescent-glandular. Mericarps pubescent. Seed c. 3.2 mm long, oblong, minutely pitted, brownish black.

    Fl. Per.: July-August.

    Type: Described from cultivated material raised from seed collected by Royle in the Himalayas.

    Distribution: N.W. Himalaya.

    Not common in our area. Variable as regards the size of the plant and leaves. A specimen from Kashmir (Banihal Pass, c. 9000', Jammu-Kashmir rd., R.R. Stewart, RAW) is remarkable in the branched inflorescence which is also dense glandular.


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