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Pakistan | Family List | Liliaceae | Gagea

12. Gagea elegans Wall. ex D. Don in Royle, Ill. Bot. Himal. Mount. 1:399, 2, tab. 95, fig. 1. 1840. Wall. Cat. : 306, 1829 nom. nud. (Fig. 11, A).

S. I. Ali and I.G. Levichev

Gagea elegans

  • Gagea indica Pascher Repert.
  • Gagea lutea* auct. non (L.) Ker-Gawl.: S. Dasgupta & Deb
  • Gagea pseudoerubescens* Vved.

    Plants with narrow basal and subinflorescence leaves, forming groups with prevalence of juvenile specimens. Bulb up to 10-12 mm in diameter, obliquely-dro p-shaped, with engirdled on perimeter by more or less dense group of bulbils, covered by black-brown, coriaceous tunics. Bulbils brownish-black, numerous, semi-dro p-shaped or semi-dro p-faceted, basal bulbil larger than the others. Peduncle 5-10(15) cm in height, in T.S. triangular-roundish, furrowed. Basal leaf single, angular-flat, exceeds the inflorescence, up to 7(9) mm broad, lanceolate-linear, longitudinally furrowed at the base. Leaves on the peduncle alternate, lower usually surpasses the inflorescence, as broad as the basal leaf, narrowly-lanceolate, gradually narrowed, upper smaller, linear. Inflorescence shortly-branched, flowers on long pedicels. Tepals 10-16(20) mm long, 2-3 mm broad, lanceolate, yellow, greenish-purple outside, elongating and pointed at anthesis, after flowering longitudinally rolled-up. Anthers yellow, oblong, dehiscence - oviform. Ovary gets obovate, on a short stalk. Capsule up to 3 times shorter than the perianth, three-rayed, obpyramidal, on very short stipe. Seeds orange-brown, terete, curved.

    Fl. Per.: April- July

    Lectotype (designated here): Kumaon, Wall. Cat. 5065 (K-W).

    Distribution: Uzbekistan, Kirgizia, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, N. India, Nepal, Buthan, China (S. Tibet).


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