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Pakistan | Family List | Labiatae | Roylea

Roylea cinerea (D. Don) Baillon, Hist. Pl. 11: 36. 1891. Press in Hara et al., Enum. Fl. Pl. Nepal 3: 163.1982.

I.C. Hedge

  • Ballota cinerea D. Don
  • Phlomis calycina Roxb.
  • Roylea calycina (Roxb.) Briq.
  • Roylea elegans Wall. ex Benth.

    Shrub to 1.8 m, pleasantly aromatic. Stems, including older woody parts, densely greyish tomentose with a covering of adpressed and some spreading eglandular hairs. Leaves 2-4 x 0.7-3 cm, ovate, crenate to almost lobed, truncate or broadly cuneate, acute, with few scattered hairs on adaxial side, below with numerous eglandular spreading hairs mainly on veins and densely gland-dotted; petiole to 8 mm. Verticillasters 4-12-flowered, distant, on very short peduncles. Bracts linear-subulate, c. 3.5 mm. Pedicels 0.5 mm. Calyx c. 15 mm with adpressed-spreading eglandular hairs mainly on veins and sessile oil globules; tube c. 6-7 mm; lobes subequal, elegant, oblong-elliptic narrowed at base, obtusely acuminate, reticulately veined, c. 7 x 2 mm, ± rigid; calyx not or scarcely enlarging in fruit. Corolla white or pink, c. 13 mm; tube slender straight, c. 9 mm, annulate; upper lip entire, pilose-villous; lower lip 3-lobed, median slightly larger. Nutlets (scarcely mature) c. 3.5 x 2 mm, apically ± truncate and papillose.

    Type [India, Garwhal] Srrinagur, Kamroop.

    Distribution: NW India, Himalaya to Nepal.

    A doubtful species for our area. The record seems to stem from Hooker in Flora of British India (l.c.) where he states "Kashmir to Kumaon"; this is repeated by Mukerjee (l.c.). The type locality of Roylea cinerea is Srinagar in Uttar Pradesh (India); confusion with the Kashmir Srinagar may have occurred. It may, however, yet be found in our area in Riasi and Jammu parts of Kashmir, as it grows close by in Chamba in Himachal Pradesh.


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