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Saxifraga flagellaris Willd. ex Sternb., Rev.Sax. p.25.t.6. 1810. C.B. Clark,l.c. 397; Loz.-Lozinsk.,l.c.161; Webb in Tutin et al.,Fl.Eur. 1:369.1964; Hulten in Sv.Bot.Tidskr.58.1:93.1964.

Perennial herb, 4-12 cm high. Stem erect, glandular or not, with glabrous or glandular stolons. Leaves usually congested basally, sessile, obovate to ovate-lanceolate, glandular. Flowers usually 1-3(-8). Pedicels glanĀ¬dular. Sepals free or basally united, acute or obtuse. Petals yellow, twice or more the length of sepals, broadly ovate or obovate. Filaments as long as the sepals or shorter, glabrous. Capsule rounded-ovoid.

S. flagellaris is a very variable species with a wide geographic range. Many infra-specific taxa have been recognised. The type sub-species is described from Mt. Casbec, Caucasus and not found in our area; its distribution is in the Caucasus, main mountain chain, with a few localities N & S. of it.

However, following Hulten's revision of the complex, 4 subspecies have been recognised from our area.

1 Sepals basally adnate. Leaf cilia long and pointed   Saxifraga flagellaris subsp. mucronulata
+ Sepals free. Leaf cilia not long nor pointed   (2)
2 (1) Flowers campanulate. Styles short and thick, less than 1 mm long   Saxifraga flagellaris subsp. komarovii
+ Flowers not campanulate. Styles 1.5-2 mm long, slender   (3)
3 (2) Stolone capillary, 2.2 mm in diameter   Saxifraga flagellaris subsp. stenopylla
+ Stolons thick, 0.8 mm in diameter   Saxifraga flagellaris subsp. crassiflagellata

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