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2. Scutellaria grossa Wall. ex Benth. in Wall., Pl. As. Ran. 1: 67. 1830. Benth., l.c. 446; Hook. f., l.c. 669; Blatter, l.c. 127.; Mukerjee, l.c. 146; Stewart, l.c. 633; Press in Hara et al., Enum. Fl. Pl. Nepal 3: 165. 1982.

I.C. Hedge & A. Paton

Perennial herb with a woody rootstock. Stems 20-30 cm, ascending or erect, quadrangular, leafy, simple or with lateral branches, and an indumenturn of short, white, crisped antrorse eglandular hairs below, glandular or not above. Lower leaves triangular-ovate, 15-80 x 6-55 mm, decreasing in size up the stem, strongly crenate, broadly cuneate-truncate, acute; upper leaves narrow elliptic 2-5 x 1-3 mm, entire; indumentum short, eglandular. Lower leaves with a petiole up to 30 mm, upper sessile. Inflorescence lax, terminal or axillary; flowers secund; in the axils of upper bract-like leaves. Pedicels 2-4 mm, erect-spreading, with very small scales, terete. Calyx 2-3 mm in flower, enlarging in fruit to 4-6 mm, with a 3 mm high scutellum; indumentum similar to that of stem. Corolla blue-creamy white-greenish yellow, erect, 15-18 mm, pilose with glandular hairs; tube 10-13 mm. Nutlets black, minutely tuberculate, with tufts of white hairs, 1.3 x 0.5 mm.

Fl. Per.: July-September.

Type: [India] Kumaon [Wall., Cat. 2142. 1829] R. Blinkworth (K).

Distribution: Kashmir, N. India, Nepal.

This has a superficial resemblance to Scutellaria petiolata and Scutellaria nuristanica, but differs in the calyx (Scutellaria petiolata lacks a scutellum), habit (Scutellaria petiolata is a chasmophyte) and leaf texture (thick in Scutellaria petiolata). Scutellaria grossa has affinities with the Scutellaria albida L. – Scutellaria rubicund Hornem. Complex of the E. Mediterranean region.


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