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Pakistan | Family List | Primulaceae | Cortusa

1. Cortusa brotheri Pax ex Lipsky, Acta Hort. Petrop. 18:37. 1901. Fedorov, l.c. 245; Wendelbo in Rech. f., Fl. Iran. 9:26.1965.


Cortusa brotheri

Credit: S. Hameed

  • Cortusa himalaica A. Los.
  • Cortusa matthioli f. brotheri (Pax ex Lipsky) R. Knuth

    Leaves orbicular-reniform, 2.4-5 x 3.2-6 cm, lobulate; lobes crenate-dentate, mucronate, subglabrous (puberulous on the under surface) to pubescent, lighter coloured on the under surface, base cordate; petiole (4-) 5-15 cm long, slender, subglabrous. Scape (9-) 14.5-23 cm long, slender, 1.5-2.5 mm broad at the base, 3-10-flowered, subglabrous, exserted above the foliage. Bracts unequal, ovate-lanceolate, 4-7.5 mm long, green, apex incised, minutely glandular-pilose, margin glandular-ciliolate. Pedicel 13-30 mm long at antheses, 35-56 mm long at post anthesis, slender, ± rigid in fruit, glabrous to minutely pubescent. Flowers drooping, pink-purple. Calyx campanulate, (2.5-) 3.5-5.5 mm long, c. ½ cleft; lobes ovate-lanceolate, acute-acuminate, (1.5-) 2.5-3.5 mm long, sometimes 2-3-dentate towards the apex, minutely glandular-pilose, margin hyaline, glabrous to minutely ciliolate. Corolla infundibuliform, 7-12 mm long, limb 10-25 mm broad; lobes unequal, oblong-obtuse, 4-7 mm long, entire to ± wavy, sometimes notched. Anthers yellow, elongated, apiculate, 3.5 mm long, exceeding the sinus of the corolla lobes; filaments connate at the base, c. 0.9 mm long. Ovary c. 2 mm long, ovoid; style 8.5-9 mm long, persistent, stigma capitate. Capsule oblong-tubular, exceeding the calyx, (6-) 7-8.5 mm long. Seeds ovoid to subglobose, c. 1.2 mm long, brown, minutely vesiculose.

    Fl. Per.: May-July.

    Holotype: ‘Alps Alexandri’, Brothers 115 (LE).

    Distribution: Soviet C. Asia, Afghanistan and N.W. Himalaya.

    The species is found in the alpine zone from 2286-4200 m, frequenting small crevices and ledges of rocks in shade.


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