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Pakistan | Family List | Umbelliferae | Bowlesia

Bowlesia incana Ruiz & Pay., Fl. Per. & Chil. 3:28. 1802. Mathias & Constance, 1. c. 31.

  • Bowlesia asiatica E. Nasir
  • Bowlesia septentrionalis Coult. & Rose
  • Bowlesia tenera Spreng.

    Annual, decumbent. Stems slender, glabrate to slightly stellate pubescent; hairs 8-rayed, stalks short or sessile. Leaves opposite, petiolate, palmately lobed, dorsal and ventral surfaces covered with stellate hairs, more numerous on the ventral surface. Umbels simple, 2-5 flowered. Involucre of a few scarious, white, lacerate bracts. Flowers small. Calyx teeth prominent. Petals greenish white to purple. Stylopodium conical; styles short; carpels densely stellate pubescent. Fruit ellipsoid to globose, c. 2 mm long, 1.5 mm broad, covered with stellate hairs, slightly cordate at the base, subsessile; ridges inconspicuous.

    Fl. Per. March-April

    Distribution: South America, southern U.S.A.; introduced in Europe, W. Pakistan and New Zealand.

    This is a South American species and a recent introduction in W. Pakistan. The plant is fairly common in the Rawalpindi area during the spring.


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