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Pakistan | Family List | Polygalaceae | Polygala

Polygala erioptera DC., Prod. 1:326. 1824. Boiss., Fl. Or. 1:469.1867; Bennett, l.c. 203, Chodat, l.c. 342; Cook, l.c. 60; Bamber, l.c. 284. Jafri, l.c. 189; Quraishi and Khan, l.c. 97.

Polygala erioptera

Credit: M.Y. Saleem

  • Polygala erioptera var. vahliana (DC.) Chodat
  • Polygala vahliana DC.

    Annual or perennial, + pubescent, 5-32 cm tall. Leaves linear-filiform to obovate-lanceolate, obtuse or acute, 2-45 mm long, 0.75-8 mm broad, recurved. Racemes lateral, lax, shorter than leaves, 3-27 mm. Bracts persistent, shorter than pedicel. Sepals persistent; outer sepals unequal, upper larger than the lower ones, broadly hyaline margined; inner sepals ovate, obtuse, 3-5 mm long, 1.5-3 mm broad, enlarged in fruit, oblique, + pubescent, 3-nerved, veinlets anastomosing. Lateral petals shorter or equalling the keel; keel 2.5-4.5 mm, crested. Capsule elliptic-oblong, emarginate, 2.5-5 mm long, 1.5-3 mm broad, pubescent, marginal and apical hairs long, wing ± 0-0.75 mm. Seed pilose, strophiole 3-appendiculate, appendages minute.

    Fl. Per.: throughout the year.

    Syntype: Senegal, Bacle (G-DC); Egypt, Balbis (G-DC).

    Distribution: Arabia, Tropical Asia and Africa.

    Very variable in habit, indumentum, thickness of root, leaf shape and size, flower colour and size, fruit and seed size and size of strophiole. Found throughout the country, up to 1400 m.alt.s.m. Fls.: greenish-blue, purple, yellowish or violet.


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  • Illustration (M.Y. Saleem)
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  • Illustration (M.Y. Saleem)
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