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Priva cordifolia (Linn. f.) Druce in Bot.Exch.Club Brit. Isles. 4:64. 1917. Patzak & Rech.f. in Rech.f., l.c. 4; R. R. Stewart, Ann.Cat.Vas.Pl. W. Pak. & Kash. 607.1972.

Priva cordifolia

Credit: Shaukat

  • Buchnera cordifolia Linn. f.
  • Priva abyssinica Jaub. & Spach
  • Priva leptostachya Juss.
  • Tortula aspera Roxb. ex Willd.

    Erect, perennial herb, up to 1 m tall, branched with conspicuously elongated fruiting branches; stern quadrangular, pubescent with hooked hairs, especially at nodes. Leaves ovate, ovate-triangular to elliptic, (2-) 3-6 (-7.5) cm long, (1.5-) 2-5 cm broad, crenate-serrate, obtuse, subcordate or subtruncate at the base, pubescent with hooked hairs; petiole 10-20 (-30) mm long. Spicate racemes 10-20 cm long, increasing up to 30 cm in fruit, interrupted, distantly flowered. Flowers white, rarely violaceous, c. 1 cm across, subsessile. Calyx-tube cylindrical, minutely toothed, 6-8 mm long, 2-2.5 mm broad, increasing up to 8 mm in breadth in fruit and becoming almost globose with narrow acutish mouth, persistent, pubescent with hooked hairs. Corolla 8-12 mm long, tube c. as long or slightly exceeding the calyx; limb 2-lipped with 5, unequal lobes. Fruit 4-5 mm long, broadly obcordate, splitting into 2, glabrous but echinulate and pitted pyrenes with 1-2 seeds in each, enclosed within inflated, persistent calyx.

    Fl.Per.: Most of the year.

    Type: Described from India, Koenig.

    Distribution: India, Pakistan and Nepal.


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