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Berberis baluchistanica Ahrendt in J. Asiat. Soc. Beng. (Sc.). 11:1. 1945. in J. Linn. Soc. Bot. 57(369):87.1961; R. R. Stewart, l.c. 278.

Vern.: Karoskai (Pashtu), Zrolg and Korae (Baluchi).

Berberis baluchistanica

Credit: Fauzia

  • Berberis vulgaris auct. non Linn.: Burkill

    Shrub, 1-2(-3) m tall, glabrous; stem red-brown to red, sulcate or subsulcate; internodes 1-2.5(-3) cm long; spines (1-)3-fid, smooth, stout, 1-2 cm long. Leaves thick, rigid, rarely subrigid, sub-orbicular to obovate-oblong, sessile to very shortly stalked, (1-) 1.5-3 (-4) cm long, (0.5-) 1-1.5 (-2) cm broad, reticulately-veined, entire to 3-5(-8)-spinulose-serrate or subserrulate, apex spinulose-sub-apiculate. Racemes 10-25 mm long (in fruit), dense to lax, shortly peduncled (up to 1 cm). Flowers usually 7-10 mm across, yellow; pedicels 4-6(-10) mm long, slender, spreading; bracts 1-1.5 mm long, linear. Outer sepals 3-4 mm long, 1.5-2 mm broad; inner sepals 4.5 mm long, 2 mm broad; petals 5 mm long, 3 mm broad. Stamens 3-4 mm long; anthers 0.7 mm long; connective not extended. Berries ovoid to suborbicular, 5-7 mm long, 3-4 mm broad, black, pruinose blue; style very short to c. 0.5 mm long in fruit; seeds usually 2, oblong-subovoid, c. 4 mm long.

    Fl. Per.; March-May.

    Type: Baluchistan, Zarghun, Gamble 2(K).

    Distribution: Endemic.

    Differs from the European Berberis vulgaris L., by its red stem, mostly entire leaves, smaller, ovoid, sub-stylose dark blue-black coloured fruits. Also differs from Central and W. Asian. Berberis densiflora Boiss. & Buhse and Berberis integerrima Bunge by its stout spines, smaller, ovoid, distinctly sub-stylose fruits. It resembles all these in its recemose inflorescence. The last two may be found in the extreme northern and N. Western areas of Pakistan.

    Decoction of boiled roots is given to cattle (and men also) for internal injuries; it is also used to make a tanning fluid.


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