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Pakistan | Family List | Papilionaceae | Astragalus

Astragalus chitralensis Ali in Kew Bull. 1958:308. 1958. in Biologia 7:48.1961; in Phyton 11:134.1966.

Perennial herb; aerial stem almost absent. Leaf imparipinnately compound, rachis c. 8-14 cm long, pubescent, hairs yellowish, spreading. Leaflets 24-49, c. 4-7 mm long, c. 2-5 mm broad, elliptic, obtuse, pubescent uniformly below, very profusely above, partially conduplicate even when old; petiolule less than 1 mm long. stipules c. 7-13 mm long, adnate, pubescent. Inflorescence a 5-flowered, peduncled raceme; peduncle c. 3-5 mm long. Bracts c. 5-6 mm long, pubescent. Pedicel c. 1-3 mm long, pubescent. Calyx c. 12-16 mm long, pubescent, hairs white, teeth c. 7-10 mm long. Corolla pale pink or pinkish white. Vexillum c. 14-19 mm long, pubescent externally. Wing c. 14-16 mm long. Keel c. 10-11 mm long. Fruit c. 1 cm long, c. 4-5 mm broad, densely pubescent, unilocular, dehiscing along both the sutures; stipe c. 1 mm long.

Fl.Per: May June.

Holotype: Chitral, Birmoghlasht, 7-8000 ft., 2.8.1954, M.A. Siddigi & A. Rahman 26881 (K; RAW).

Distribution: Endemic to Chitral.

There is remarkable similarity between Astragalus chitralensis Ali and Astragalus erionotus Benth. ex Bunge but the two species differ in the calyx teeth, in the shape of the vexillum and the ratio of the lamina and claw of the wing (for details see Ali l.c. 1958).


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