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Pakistan | Family List | Malvaceae | Senra

Senra incana Cay., Diss. 2: t. 35. f. 3. 83. 1786. Bioss., Fl. Orient. l:838. 1867; Mast., in Hook. f., l.c. 334; Stewart in Nasir & Ali, Ann. Cat. Vasc. Pl. W. Pak. Kash. 482.1972.

  • Dumreichera incana Hochst. and Steud.
  • Gossypium bakeri Watt

    Erect or spreading, much branched velvety herbs. Leaves 2-4 cm long, 2-3.5 cm broad, acute, generally serrate, upper surface darker than lower, somewhat truncate to deeply cordate at base; palmately 5-9 nerved, commonly 3 lobed; lobes deltoid; petiole 2-4 cm long; stipule filiform, c. 2 mm long. Pedicel 0.5-2 cm long, usually articulate; bracts 1.5-2.5 cm long, 1.5-2 cm broad, persistent. Calyx bell-shaped, 4-6 mm long, slightly accrescent in fruit, 5 mm across, pubescent, persistent; lobes triangular, acute, 1.5-2 mm long and broad. Petals 5, 1.5-.2.5 cm long. 1-1.5 cm broad, obovate, minutely clawed and hyaline. Staminal tube included, half the length of petal. Capsule c. 6 mm long, c. 5 mm across, ovoid or somewhat globose, reticulate, membranous, 5 ribbed, valves slightly winged. Seeds 2 mm long, 1 mm broad.

    Type: Presently Untraceable.

    Distribution: Pakistan, Arabia, Ethiopia and Nubia. In Pakistan it is found in Sind and Baluchistan.


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