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Pakistan | Family List | Primulaceae | Androsace

12. Androsace ojhorensis Y. Nasir, sp. nov.


Planta haud dense compacta. Foliorum rosulae 7-12 mm latae. Folia omnino isomorpha, exteriora minore, 4-9 x 1.3-2.1 mm, elliptico-lanceolata, acuta, carinata, ciliata. Pill albi, supra et infra aeque nec dense dispersi, 0.4-1.0 mm longi. Folia extima siccitate brunneo-grisea. Folia interiore plerumque latiora, pallide viridia, apice saepe purpureo-tincta. Scapus 7-14 mm longus, modice robustus, 3-9-florus, pilis longioribus patentibus cum brevioribus capitatis glandulosis intermixtis. Bracteae 4.5-5 mm longae, foliaceae, apice purpurea-tinctae, pedicello longiores. Calyx ± campanulatus, c. 3 mm longus, usque ad dimidium fissus, glanduloso-pilosus; lobis 1.4 mm longis, ovatis, obtusis, apice purpurascentibus. Corollae limbus c. 6.5 mm latus, lobis obovatis retusis. Ovarium depresse globosum. Stylus 1 mm longus. Capsula calycem superans, brunnea, valvis subacutis.

A more or less compact plant, but not densely so. Leaf rosettes 7-12 mm broad, ± compact. Leaves quite isomorphic, the outer smaller, 4-9 x 1.3-2.1 mm, elliptic-lanceolate, acute, carinate, ciliate. Hairs white, on both surfaces equally spaced and not densely so, 0.4-1.0 mm long. Outermost leaves drying a brownish-grey. Inner leaves usually broader, pale green, often purplish tinged at the apex. Scape 7-14 mm long, rather stout, 3-9-flowered, with longer spreading hairs intermixed with short capitate-glandular ones. Bracts 4.5-5 mm long, leaf-like, apex tinged purplish, more than pedicel in length. Calyx ± campanulate, c. 3 mm long, ½ cleft, glandular-hairy; lobes 1.4 mm long, ovate-obtuse, tips purplish tinged. Corolla limb c. 6.5 mm broad, lobes obovate, retuse. Ovary globose-depressed. Style 1 mm long. Capsule exceeding calyx, brown, valves acutish.

Fl. Per.: June.

Holotype: Chitral: Ojhor, 12700, flowers white with yellow eye, Bowes Lyon 856 (BM! iso. W! E!).

Distribution: Known from type locality only.

Related to Androsace lowariensis Y. Nasir, but it is altogether more robust with calyx lobes obtuse and the corolla lobes retuse. The tips of the leaves, calyx and bracts are purplish tinged.


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