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Pakistan | Family List | Convolvulaceae | Convolvulus

2. Convolvulus leiocalycinus Boiss. Diagn, Pl. Or. Nov. 1(7): 28. 1846. Boiss., Fl. Or. 4:86.1879, Burkill, Working list Pl. Baluch. 53.1909, Petr. in Bull. Soc. Nat. Mosc. n.s. 44:123. 1935, Rech. f., Fl. Iran. 2:8.1963, Sa’ad, l.c. 67, Stewart, l.c. 572.


National Herbarium, Agricultural Research Council, Islamabad. ( Now at Newnham College, Cambridge, England.)

  • Convolvulus lasiophloeus Jaub. & Spach
  • Convolvulus leiocalycinus var. lycioides (Boiss.) Boiss.
  • Convolvulus leiocalycinus var. stocksii Boiss.
  • Convolvulus lycioides Boiss.

    A branched woody spiny undershrub, densely short white pubescent, 30-90 cm tall. Older branches and spines covered with a brownish bark. Leaves 12-17 (-24) x (3- ) 5-7 mm, usually more than 1 at a node, appressed pubescent, oblong to ovate, obtuse, base ± cordate or cuneate, petiole 3.5 mm long. Flowers axillary, solitary, pedicellate, pedicel 5-10 mm long, compressed, stout, densely white appressed hairy. Bracts with a middle longer and 2 short lateral lobes. Bracteoles small. Sepals subequal, 6-8 x 3-4 mm, broadly ovate to oblong, subacute to obtuse, mucronate, scarious, the outer sepals glabrous or sparsely hairy in the basal portion, the inner glabrous. Sepals reflexed in fruit. Corolla 20-26 mm long, white to pink, sparsely hairy bands outside, the tube glabrous. Filaments unequal, 6-10 mm long, subulate and glandular in the lower portion, anthers c. 3 mm long. Ovary glabrous, style c. 9 mm long, c. 3 times the length of the cylindrical stigma (fide Sa’ad, l.c.). Capsule subglobose, beaked at the top, 6 x 5 mm, 2-valved, glabrous. Seeds oblong, 4.5 mm long, brown, smooth, glabrous.

    A species variable in pubescence and size.

    Lower Taxa


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