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Physorrhynchus Hooker f., Icon.Pl.ser.2. 5:t.821 and 822. 1852. Benth. & Hook.f., l.c. 100; Boiss., l.c. 402; Schulz in Engl. & Prantl, l.c. 372; Hedge in Rech.f., l.c.51.

Physorrhynchus chamaerapistrum

Credit: Shaukat

Perennial, often woody at the base, glabrous, glaucous; branches long, straight, pale green. Leaves simple, large, fleshy, obovate or broadly elliptic, lower short stalked, upper sessile, semiamplexicaul, entire, acute or slightly mucronate. Racemes lax, elongated, ebracteate. Flowers large, pink or pale violet, rarely white, shortly pedicelled. Sepals linear, erect, subequal, inner slightly saccate at the base. Petals more than twice as long as the sepals, narrowly elliptic, long clawed, apex rounded. Stamens 6; filaments linear; anthers long, narrowly lanceolate, acute. Lateral nectar glands short, scale-like; middle stalk-like. Ovary sessile, 2-parted, 2 or 4 ovuled in the upper part, subcylindrical; stigma bilobed, with decurrent conical lobes. Siliculae biarticulated; upper part large, subglobose with a conical beak about as long as the rest of the pod, indehiscent, glabrous, bilocular with usually 1-(rarely 2) mature seeds; lower part short, stalk-like, narrow, sterile; valves rigid, thick; septum membranous; seeds oblong or ellipsoid, brown, finely reticulated; cotyledons conduplicate.

Only 2 species in Iran, Afghanistan, W. Pakistan and Arabia.

1 Ovary 4-ovuled; lower part of fruit conspicuous, ± straight; base of the upper part of fruit usually rounded   Physorrhynchus brahuicus
+ Ovary 2-ovuled; lower part of fruit short, somewhat broad above, not so conspicuous; base of the upper part of fruit usually truncate   Physorrhynchus chamaerapistrum

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