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Pakistan | Family List | Plumbaginaceae

Psyllisotachys (Jaub. et Sp.) Nevski in Acta Inst. Bot. Acad. Sc. U.S.S.R., ser. 1(4): 314. 1937.

  • Statice* Sect. Psylliostachys Jaub.

    Annual herbs. Leaves rosulate, entire to pinnatisect, glabrous or hairy. Inflorescence a long dense spike. Spikelets 2-4-flowered, 2-bracteate, Calyx infundibuliform, glabrous or studded with short stalked glands, 5-lobed, 5-nerved, nerves excurrent into long aristae. Corolla gamopetalous, with a fairly long tube and a 5-lobed limb, white, pink or blue. Stamens 5, united with the corolla up to the ovary length. Styles 5, united at the base, stigmas long filiform. Utriculus membranous, 5-ribbed, indehiscent.

    A genus of about 15 species, distributed in Central and S.W. Asia and N. Africa.

    1 Outer bract scarious except for the nerve; calyx tube 2 times longer than the limb, tube + 10-ribbed in the lower part   Psylliostachys beludshistanica
    + Outer bract narrowly scarious-margined; calyx tube equal to the limb; limb 5-ribbed   (2)
    2 (1) Leaves densely hairy; outer bract oblong-spathulate, equal or slightly exceeding the inner bract   Psylliostachys spicata
    + Leaves glabrous, rarely the petiole and midrib somewhat villous; outer bract linear-subulate, 1 ½ times as long as the inner bract   Psylliostachys suworowii

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