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Pakistan | Family List | Brassicaceae


Lateral nectar glands various, often semiannular, with or without a basal process; middle glands present or absent. Hairs stellate, branched, bipartite-appressed or simple. Sepals usually erect, inner pair often broad and saccate at base. Stamen filaments usually linear, without appendages; anthers often oblong and obtuse. Ovary sessile or with short gynophore; stigma short or long, ± bilobed or retuse, sometimes conical with decurrent lobes, rarely appendaged. Fruit a short or long siliqua, bilocular, often tardity dehiscent, sometimes indehiscent but breaking transversely into several, usually 2-seeded cells; seeds with or without wings; radicle accumbent.

Represented by 8 genera and 22 species (including 2 cultivated) in our area.

1 Fruits with 2-4 apical (from the valves and below the stigma) appendages (horns)   (2)
+ Fruits without appendages (rarely stigma with diverging lobes)   (4)
2 (1) Siliquae with 2 apical horns   (3)
+ Siliquae with 4 apical horns   Tetracme
3 (2) Hairs bipartite-appressed; flowers white, 2-3 mm across; siliquae 4-8 mm long   Notoceras
+ Hairs branched or stellate, dense; flowers large, pick orrose, 10 mm across; siliquae 10-15 mm long   Diceratella
4 (1) Siliquae all alike, ± compressed, dehiscent   (5)
+ Siliquae dimorphic or alike (flat ones dehiscent, Cylindrical ones usually indehiscent but breaking into several, usually 2-seeded parts)   (7)
5 (4) Flowering branches scapose, usually aphyllous   Parrya
+ Flowering branches ± leafy   (6)
6 (5) Usually robust erect herbs, woody below or pere- nnial (rarely annual); leaves often lanceolate, usually toothed, densely canescent; stigma large bilobed; fruits many seeded; seeds not or obscurely winged   Matthiola
+ Subspreading annuals; leaves usually ovate-oblong, distant, stellately hairy, slightly toothed or entire; stigma short, retuse; fruits usually few seeded; seeds narrowly winged   Cithareloma
7 (4) Siliquae alike subcylindrical, torulose, usually brea- king into several, 2-seeded pats; hairs simple, branched or glandular; leaves usually pinnatifid, toothed (rarely entire), basal usually rosulate   Chorispora
+ Siliquae usually dimorphic, flat compressed and subcylindrical (very rarely all flat-compressed); hairs bi-or tri-partite, ± appressed (rarely plants almost glabrous)   Diptychocarpus

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