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Key 1

1 Protonema persistent; individual leafy plants small and scattered.   Pogonatum
+ Protonema ephemeral; leafy plants gregarious, loosely tufted or caespitose.   (2)
2 (1) Lamellae 10 or fewer and confined to median portion of blade, often loosely spreading and wavy.   (3)
+ Lamellae 20 or more, occupying most of the leaf width, compact and straight.   (7)
3 (2) Lamina bistratose, ± firm, the upper layer of laminar cells strongly mammillose.   (4)
+ Lamina unistratose, broad and membranous, the cells not mammillose above (or if mammillose, then the leaf bordered by thick-walled elongate cells).   (5)
4 (3) Margins of sheath entire; lamellae entire; leaf tip with a slender, caducous hair; plants polytrichoid.   Lyellia
+ Margins of sheath ciliate; lamellae coarsely serrate; leaf tip not ciliate; plants slender and wire-like.   Bartramiopsis
5 (3) Leaf margins bordered by narrow, thick-walled cells, sharply toothed; lamina often transversely undulate, the back of lamina with diagonal rows of teeth; dorsal lamellae lacking.   Atrichum
+ Leaf margins serrulate to entire, not bordered by narrow, thick-walled cells; lamina not undulate and not toothed on back; dorsal lamellae often present.   (6)
6 (5) Leaves narrowly bordered in part by thin-walled, hyaline cells; abaxial lamellae absent or restricted to costa near leaf apex.   Psilopilum
+ Leaves not hyaline-margined; well-developed abaxial lamellae often present on both costa and lamina.   Oligotrichum
7 (2) Margins of lamellae papillose (or appearing so in cross-section).   (8)
+ Margins of lamellae smooth.   (11)
8 (7) Leaf sheath not hyaline-margined; marginal cells of lamellae rectangular and flat-topped.   Pogonatum
+ Leaf sheath hyaline-margined; marginal cells of lamellae rounded to elliptic to pyriform.   (9)
9 (8) Marginal cells in profile irregularly striolate and pitted.   Meiotrichum
+ Marginal cells in profile distinctly papillose, with rounded papillae.   (10)

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