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Sphaerocarpos donnellii Austin, Bull. Torrey Bot. Club. 6: 157. 1877.

  • Sphaerocarpos terrestris Underwood & Cook

    Archegonial plants 8--10 × 4-7 mm, solitary or forming mats, lobes divided to the costa, oblong to obcuneate, sinuous, marginal cells ca. 30 × 68 µm; involucres 1.5--2.4 mm high, tubular, ovoid, ellipsoid to pyrifrom, truncate at the apex, orifice rounded. Antheridial plants 2.5--4 mm in diameter, lobes divided to the costa or nearly so, cuneiform to obdeltoid, sinuous; involucres flask-shaped, 0.5-1.1 mm high. Sporangia 700--855 µm. Spores of tetrad separating at maturity, 85--135 µm, nearly tetrahedral, yellowish, dark brown to blackish-brown, basal margin lobed and dentate, aerolae 3--4 across the face, surface granulate, 13--27 µm in diameter, ridges generally appearing wrinkled, blunt to spinose at the intersections and thus appearing spinose or nearly so in profile, central tubercle generally present in each aerola, to 24 µm high.

    Damp sandy soil, muddy shores, organic muck over coral limestone; low elevations; Fl., Ga., Miss., S.C, Va.

    This species is very localized and restricted to the Southeastern Coastal Plain.


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