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6. Orthotrichum Hedwig, Sp. Musc. Frond. 162. 1801.

Plants small, sometimes large, in tufts or loose cushions. Stems erect (creeping in O. kellmanii), branches erect to ascending. Leaves usually erect-appressed and straight when dry, spreading to wide-spreading when moist, ovate, oblong, lanceolate, ligulate, or linear-lanceolate, not rugose; margins entire or denticulate near apex; apex acute, acuminate, apiculate, or obtuse, awn absent (present in O. diaphanum); costa usually ending near apex; basal laminal cells elongate-linear or rectangular; distal cells usually rounded, almost isodiametric, 6-24 µm, papillose only over lumina, papillae 1-4 per cell, conic or 2-fid; marginal cells gradually shorter than basal. Sexual condition gonioautoicous or cladautoicous, rarely dioicous; perichaetial leaves similar to stem leaves or sometimes slightly differentiated. Seta to 6 mm. Capsule immersed, emergent, or exserted, globose to cylindric, smooth or 8- or 16-ribbed, sometimes constricted below mouth when dry; stomata superficial or immersed; peristome double, rarely single or absent; exostome teeth 0, 8, or 16, papillose or striate; endostome segments 0, 8, or 16. Calyptra mitrate, conic-oblong to short-conic, not split at base, smooth or papillose, ± hairy or naked, plicate (not or obscurely plicate in O. gymnostomum and O. obtusifolium), covering entire capsule. Spores isosporous.

Species ca. 125 (47 in the flora): nearly worldwide; more common in temperate areas.

SELECTED REFERENCES Lewinsky, J. 1993. Monographic studies on Orthotrichum (Musci). Bryobrothera 2: 1-59. Vitt, D. H. 1973. A revision of the genus Orthotrichum in North America, north of Mexico. Bryophyt. Biblioth. 1: 1-108.

1 Leaf apices gradually acute, awns present.   9 Orthotrichum diaphanum
+ Leaf apices obtuse, acute, acuminate, or cuspidate, awns absent   (2)
2 (1) Leaf margins erect-incurved or involute; leaves ovate, ovate-oblong, or ovate-lanceolate; apices obtuse or rounded; gemmae present; sexual condition dioicous; calyptrae papillose, not or obscurely plicate, naked   (3)
+ Leaf margins plane, reflexed, recurved, revolute, or thick; leaves ± lanceolate, linear, ligulate, or oblong; apices obtuse, acute, acuminate, cuspidate, or mucronate; gemmae absent or present; sexual condition autoicous (dioicous in O. lyellii); calyptrae smooth or rarely papillose, plicate, hairy or naked   (4)
3 (2) Leaf margins involute; distal laminal cell papillae 2 or 3 per cell; peristome absent; Newfoundland.   15 Orthotrichum gymnostomum
+ Leaf margins erect-incurved; distal laminal cell papillae 1 per cell; peristome present; boreal and western regions.   24 Orthotrichum obtusifolium
4 (2) Leaves crisped-flexuose when dry; capsules oblong-cylindric or elliptic-cylindric when old, exserted or 1/2 emergent; stomata immersed; Pacific Northwest, Alaska   (5)
+ Leaves erect-appressed, erect, flexuose, or spreading when dry; capsules ovate, oblong, cylindric, or globose, immersed to exserted; stomata superficial or immersed; North America   (6)
5 (4) Plants 8-20 cm; distal laminal cells 7-11 µm; setae (1.5-)2.5-6 mm; capsules exserted to long-exserted, elliptic-cylindric when old; exostome teeth 8, external surface finely papillose, internal surface finely striate; stomata to mid capsule.   7 Orthotrichum consimile
+ Plants to 1.6 cm; distal laminal cells 8-14 µm; setae (0.8-)1-3(-3.5) mm; capsules barely exserted or sometimes 1/2 emergent, oblong-cylindric; exostome teeth 16, rarely connate in 8 pairs, irregularly papillose-reticulate; stomata in mid and distal capsule.   30 Orthotrichum pulchellum
6 (4) Leaves 3-4 mm; laminal gemmae present.   22 Orthotrichum lyellii (in part)
+ Leaves usually less than 3 mm; laminal gemmae absent or sometimes present   (7)
7 (6) Stomata superficial; basal laminal cells elongate, walls thick, ± nodose   (8)
+ Stomata immersed; basal laminal cells rectangular, walls thin, not or somewhat nodose   (26)
8 (7) Endostome segments occasionally rudimentary, usually absent; exostome teeth erect, sometimes reflexed when old and dry (recurved in O. shawii); prostome usually present   (9)
+ Endostome segments well developed, usually present when capsule is old; exostome teeth usually recurved or reflexed; prostome absent   (15)
9 (8) Distal laminal cells 2-stratose; leaf margins plane; plants dark green to black.   6 Orthotrichum bolanderi
+ Distal laminal cells 1-stratose; leaf margins revolute or recurved; plants light green to olive green   (10)
10 (9) Peristome rudimentary, appearing absent.   41 Orthotrichum spjutii
+ Peristome present, evident   (11)
11 (10) Exostome teeth smooth; distal laminal cells smooth; calyptrae naked; prostome large; on seasonally wet rock.   17 Orthotrichum holzingeri
+ Exostome teeth papillose; distal laminal cells papillose; calyptrae usually hairy; prostome small or absent; on dry rock   (12)
12 (11) Capsules cylindric or rarely oblong, exserted or rarely sometimes emergent   (13)
+ Capsules globose, ovate, ovate-oblong, short-oblong, or cylindric-ovate, immersed to emergent   (14)
13 (12) Exostome teeth erect; capsules smooth or slightly plicate distally; exothecial cells homogeneous; endostome usually absent in open capsules.   20 Orthotrichum laevigatum
+ Exostome teeth reflexed-recurved; capsules slightly 8-ribbed distally; exothecial cells differentiated to mid capsule; endostome usually present in at least some capsules.   34 Orthotrichum pylaisii (in part)
14 (12) Exostome teeth erect or sometimes spreading-recurved when old; usually on rock, sometimes trees.   36 Orthotrichum rupestre
+ Exostome teeth recurved; on trees.   37 Orthotrichum shawii
15 (8) Exostome teeth reflexed, particularly when old (erect to recurved in O. fenestratum); endostome segments usually 8, narrow, usually of 1 row of cells   (16)
+ Exostome teeth recurved or rarely reflexed; endostome segments 8 or 16, thick, of 2 rows of cells   (20)
16 (15) Capsules usually ovate to ovate-oblong, usually exserted; exostome teeth 16 or 8 splitting to 16   (17)
+ Capsules usually oblong to cylindric, usually emergent to slightly exserted; exostome teeth 8   (18)
17 (16) Exostome fenestrate, cancellate; St. Paul's Island, Alaska.   13 Orthotrichum fenestratum
+ Exostome not fenestrate or cancellate; Arctic south to California.   34 Orthotrichum pylaisii (in part)
18 (16) Capsules oblong, to 1/2 emergent; exostome teeth perforate only at apices, not cancellate; endostome segments usually absent when capsules are old and dry; leaf apices gradually acuminate- cuspidate; saxicolous; w United States.   29 Orthotrichum praemorsum
+ Capsules long-cylindric to oblong, 1/2 emergent to exserted, rarely immersed; exostome teeth deeply perforate, cancellate; endostome segments usually present when capsules are old and dry; leaf apices acute; corticolous; n North America. Capsules long-cylindric to cylindric, longer than 1.5 mm, ribbed to 2/3 length, over 1/2 emergent; endostome papillose; w North America.   1 Orthotrichum affine
19 Capsules oblong to oblong-cylindric, to 1.5 mm, ribbed to 1/2 -2/3 length, usually 1/2-2/3 emergent; endostome smooth or finely verrucose; Great Lakes area, ne North America, Alaska.   39 Orthotrichum sordidum
20 (15) Calyptrae naked or hairs few near tip; endostome segments hyaline, delicate, as wide as exostome teeth; capsules widest at mouth, ovate-oblong; leaves oblong-lanceolate to oblong; apices rounded-obtuse; plants when mature to 1 cm.   12 Orthotrichum exiguum
+ Calyptrae hairy; endostome segments yellowish brown, stout, narrower than exostome teeth; capsules widest mid capsule or cylindric; leaves lanceolate, rarely oblong-lanceolate; apices acute to acuminate; plants when mature larger than 1 cm   (21)
21 (20) Sexual condition dioicous; exostome teeth acuminate.   22 Orthotrichum lyellii (in part)
+ Sexual condition autoicous; exostome teeth acute or truncate   (22)
22 (21) Leaf apices slender-acute; exostome teeth truncate, often connate at base; Appalachian Mountains.   18 Orthotrichum keeverae
+ Leaf apices acute or acuminate; exostome teeth acute, separate to base; absent in Appalachian Mountains   (23)
23 (22) Exostome teeth 16; endostome usually not erose, segments 16; Arizona, New Mexico.   33 Orthotrichum pycnophyllum
+ Exostome teeth 8, or if 16, endostome erose, segments 8 to 16; temperate and boreal regions southward to California and Missouri   (24)
24 (23) Capsules slightly 8-ribbed to mid capsule.   40 Orthotrichum speciosum
+ Capsules smooth. Capsules cylindric, emergent to sometimes short-exserted; exostome teeth 8; endostome segments 8.   10 Orthotrichum elegans
25 Capsules ovate, immersed; exostome teeth 16; endostome segments 16.   45 Orthotrichum striatum
26 (7) Leaf apices obtuse; margins irregularly dentate at apex, or if entire, apex cucullate; calyptrae naked, papillose; on base of trees near streams or seasonally wet rock, sometimes submerged; west of Continental Divide   (27)
+ Leaf apices acute, narrowly obtuse, apiculate, cuspidate, or mucronate, occasionally obtuse; margins entire or denticulate at apex, occasionally papillose-crenulate; calyptrae naked or hairy, smooth; on trunks of trees or dry rock faces; California or e North America   (28)
27 (26) Plants red-brown to black; leaf apices cucullate; margins entire to sometimes irregularly serrulate near apex; distal laminal cells to 20 µm.   11 Orthotrichum euryphyllum
+ Plants dark green to blackish; leaf apices flat; margins usually irregularly dentate at apex; distal laminal cells to 13 µm.   35 Orthotrichum rivulare
28 (26) Capsules smooth, constricted at mouth by 8 short ribs when dry; exostome absent; California.   3 Orthotrichum anodon
+ Capsules smooth or 8- or 16-ribbed, usually constricted below mouth when dry; exostome present; widespread in North America   (29)
29 (28) Distal laminal cells 2-stratose or rarely with few 1-stratose areas   (30)
+ Distal laminal cells usually 1-stratose, rarely 2-stratose in streaks or with marginal cells 2- to multistratose   (31)
30 (29) Stems erect; leaves similar on vegetative and fertile stems; w North America.   16 Orthotrichum hallii (in part)
+ Primary stems creeping, vegetative and fertile stems erect; leaves differentiated on vegetative and fertile stems; California.   19 Orthotrichum kellmanii
31 (29) Exostome teeth erect, incurved, or spreading, densely papillose, papillose-striate, striate, or reticulate-papillose; capsules 8- or 16-ribbed   (32)
+ Exostome teeth reflexed or sometimes erect or recurved, finely papillose, rarely striate at apices; capsules smooth or 8-ribbed   (39)
32 (31) Endostome segments 16, filiform, well developed.   47 Orthotrichum underwoodii
+ Endostome segments absent, or 8, short, not well developed   (33)
33 (32) Capsules exserted, oblong-cylindric to cylindric, usually with 8 long and 8 short ribs; distal laminal cells 1-stratose.   4 Orthotrichum anomalum
+ Capsules immersed or emergent, rarely short-exserted, ovate or oblong, usually with 8 or 16 ± uniform ribs; distal laminal cells 1- or partially 2-stratose   (34)
34 (33) Capsules 16-ribbed, ovate; leaves ovate-lanceolate to oblong-lanceolate; apices acute or rarely narrowly obtuse; distal laminal cells 1-stratose, rarely 2-stratose in streaks.   8 Orthotrichum cupulatum
+ Capsules 8- or rarely 16-ribbed, oblong or oblong-ovate, rarely ovate; leaves lanceolate, rarely oblong- or ovate-lanceolate; apices obtuse or blunt, rarely acute; distal laminal cells 1- or 2-stratose   (35)
35 (34) Distal laminal and/or marginal cells 1-7-stratose   (36)
+ Distal laminal cells 1-stratose   (37)
36 (35) Marginal and distal laminal cells mostly to completely 2-stratose.   16 Orthotrichum hallii (in part)
+ Marginal cells 2-7-stratose; distal laminal cells 1-stratose; occasionally with 2-stratose streaks.   44 Orthotrichum strangulatum
37 (35) Plants appearing glaucous; distal laminal cell papillae large, conic or 2-fid; w North America.   28 Orthotrichum pellucidum
+ Plants dull; distal laminal cell papillae small, conic; e, c North America   (38)
38 (37) Leaves narrowly lanceolate; margins revolute; capsules ovate; exostome teeth finely papillose.   21 Orthotrichum lescurii
+ Leaves oblong-lanceolate; margins plane or weakly recurved; capsules oblong; exostome teeth reticulate- papillose.   27 Orthotrichum parvulum
39 (31) Capsules smooth when dry, wrinkled and slightly 8-plicate when old; exostome teeth 16, erect to recurved; endostome segments usually absent.   32 Orthotrichum pusillum
+ Capsules 8-ribbed when dry; exostome teeth 8, or 8 splitting to 16, reflexed, occasionally erect or revolute; endostome usually present   (40)
40 (39) Leaf apices cuspidate; margins incurved to form channel at apex; sw United States.   5 Orthotrichum bartramii
+ Leaf apices obtuse, acute, or apiculate, rarely cuspidate; margins not forming channel at apex; widespread in North America   (41)
41 (40) Stomata to 1/2 covered by subsidiary cells, cells not projecting, inner walls not much thickened; calyptrae usually naked, sometimes hairs few   (42)
+ Stomata 1/2 to completely covered by subsidiary cells, cells projecting, inner walls thickened; calyptrae usually hairy   (44)
42 (41) Leaf apices acute, narrowly obtuse, or apiculate; leaves oblong-lanceolate to broadly lanceolate; distal laminal cells 9-14 µm.   26 Orthotrichum pallens
+ Leaf apices acute, apiculate, mucronate, or rounded-obtuse; leaves ovate-lanceolate, ovate-oblong, oblong-ligulate, or lanceolate; distal laminal cells 13-20 µm   (43)
43 (42) Leaves ovate-oblong to oblong-ligulate; apices rounded-obtuse, often mucronate, carinate; w North America.   14 Orthotrichum flowersii
+ Leaves ovate-lanceolate to lanceolate; apices sharply to slenderly acute, usually apiculate, not carinate; North America.   31 Orthotrichum pumilum (in part)
44 (41) Marginal cells 2- or 3-stratose; on dry granite rock.   38 Orthotrichum shevockii
+ Marginal cells 1-stratose; on trees, mesic rock   (45)
45 (44) Exostome teeth striate-reticulate distally; calyptra hairs strongly papillose; distal laminal cell papillae large, conic or 2-fid; leaves loosely twisted when dry.   2 Orthotrichum alpestre
+ Exostome teeth papillose; calyptra hairs smooth or papillose by projecting walls; distal laminal cells smooth or papillae low, not 2-fid; leaves stiff, erect-appressed when dry   (46)
46 (45) Vaginula with hairs present   (47)
+ Vaginula with hairs absent   (48)
47 (46) Capsule ribs thin, delicate when dry; California.   23 Orthotrichum norrisii
+ Capsule ribs thick, broad when dry; Newfoundland.   43 Orthotrichum stramineum
48 (46) Leaf apices incurved when dry; capsules cylindric to cylindric-elliptic, not constricted below mouth; stomata in proximal 1/3 of capsule, covered by subsidiary cells; restricted to west coast.   46 Orthotrichum tenellum
+ Leaf apices not incurved when dry; capsules oblong-cylindric or ovate, not to strongly constricted below mouth; stomata mid capsule, covered by subsidiary cells or not; Rocky Mountains and eastward   (49)
49 (48) Distal laminal cells larger than 14 µm, lumina smooth, rounded; leaf apices apiculate or slender-acute, rarely obtuse; leaves ovate-lanceolate to lanceolate; stomata not or to 1/2 covered by subsidiary cells.   31 Orthotrichum pumilum (in part)
+ Distal laminal cells to 13 µm, lumina irregular due to uneven wall thickenings; leaf apices bluntly acute to obtuse; leaves lanceolate to oblong-lanceolate; stomata 1/2 to completely covered by subsidiary cells   (50)
50 (49) Capsules not constricted below mouth, ribs thin, delicate; exostome teeth 8 splitting to 16; subsidiary cells projecting vertically over stomata.   25 Orthotrichum ohioense
+ Capsules strongly constricted below mouth, ribs thick, broad; exostome teeth 8; subsidiary cells projecting horizontally over stomata.   42 Orthotrichum stellatum

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