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Gnaphalium L.


Gnaphalium hypoleucum

Credit: HAST

Woolly pubescent herbs, erect or diffusely branched. Leaves alternate, entire or nearly so. Heads small, in terminal or axillary corymbs or spikes or in fascicles, heterogamous, disciform. Involucre ovoid or campanulate, bracts 3-5-seriate, scarious, outer gradually smaller, often ovate or oblong. Receptacle flat, convex or conic, pitted or not. Florets all fertile; outer florets pistillate, outnumbering central ones; central florets few, bisexual, perfect, corolla limb dilated, 5-toothed or 5-lobed. Anthers sagittate at base, cells with slender tails. Style branches truncate or capitate. Achenes oblong or obovoid terete, not ribbed. Pappus bristles 1-seriate, slender or sometimes thickened at tip, caducous, connate at base or not.

A cosmopolitan genus of 50 to 300 species and with most species in Africa, Mexico and upland South America. The Asian species have not been carefully revised; in Taiwan, about nine species, three of which are represented by two varieties each.

  • Drury, D. G. 1971. The American spicate cudweeds adventive to New Zealand: (Gnaphalium section Gamochaeta—Compositae). New Zealand J. Bot. 9: 157-185.
  • Osada, T. & K. Osada. 1984. Pictorial Guide to Wild Flowers (Japan) 4: 128-133. Hoikusha Publ. Co., Ltd., Osaka.


1 Heads in corymbs; involucral bracts bright or pale yellow.   (2)
+ Heads in spikes or panicles; involucral bracts stramineous, brownish or tinged purple.   (6)
2 (1) Involucral bracts pale yellow.   (3)
+ Involucral bright yellow.   (4)
3 (2) Robust plants, 50-100 cm tall; leaves 1-2 cm wide; heads 6-8 mm across.   Gnaphalium adnatum
+ Slender plants, 10-50 cm tall; leaves 0.1-0.5 cm wide; heads ca. 3 mm across.   subsp. luteoalbum
4 (2) Leaves white tomentose on both surfaces; style shorter than corolla.   subsp. affine
+ Leaves discolorous or white wooly on both surface; style longer than corolla.   (5)
5 (4) Leaves short crisp pilose on upper surface.   var. hypoleucum
+ Leaves densely white woolly on both surface.   var. amoyense
6 (1) Basal leaves persistent at anthesis.   (7)
+ Basal leaves withering at anthesis.   (9)
7 (6) Heads in compact, subcapitate cymes; basal leaves linear to narrowly elliptic.   var. amoyense
+ Heads in spikes or panicles; basal leaves oblong, oblanceolate to spatulate.   (8)
8 (7) Plants to 60 cm tall; upper surfaces of leaves glabrous or glabrescent, with a deep midrib furrow.   Gnaphalium spicatum
+ Plants less than 35 cm tall; upper surface of leaves loosely white woolly, without a deep midrib furrow.   Gnaphalium purpureum
9 (6) Heads in a dense subcapitate cymes; pappus free at base.   (10)
+ Heads in spikes or panicles; pappus connate at base into a ring.   (11)
10 (9) Stems much branched; leaves ca. 5 mm wide; heads in axillary cymes.   var. ramosum
+ Stems unbranched; leaves ca. 2-3 mm wide; heads in terminal cymes.   var. simplex
11 (9) Heads in loose panicles, woolly at base only.   Gnaphalium calviceps
+ Heads in spicate panicles, densely woolly to 2/3 from base.   Gnaphalium pensylvanicum

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