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Lecanorchis Blume


Leafless saprophytic herbs lacking chlorophyll. Rhizomes creeping or ascending, scaly, bearing numerous pale roots. Stems scapose, erect, slender, black wiry, simple or branched, with distant nodes bearing scale-like sheaths. Inflorescence terminal, racemose, with few to many flowers. Flowers, with prominent denticulate calyculus and abscission layer between perianth and ovary, perianth often subspreading; sepals and petals similar, narrow; lip connate by lower canaliculate claw with column, not spurred, dilated toward apex into limb and more or less 3-lobed, disc often hairy especially on midlobe; column slender, base forming tube with lip, dilated upward, apex with deep clinandrium and tall wing; anther terminal, incumbent, distinctly 2-celled; pollinia 2, soft granular, without caudicle or vicidium; stigma 3-lobed with modification, lateral lobes sterile, connate and forming an erect plate on ventral side of column, median lobe fertile and receptive, hidden behind sterile plate; rostellum short or obscure. Capsules cylindrical or fusiform-cylindrical, 3-locular.

Fewer than 20 species, from Japan, the Philippines and Malaysia through Indonesia to Papua New Guinea. Three species in Taiwan


1 Apex of lip distinctly 3-lobed.   (2)
+ Apex of lip unlobed.   Lecanorchis nigricans
2 (1) Apex of sepals and petals acute; lip with triangular lateral lobes, midlobe undulate or erose-lacerate along margin.   Lecanorchis japonica
+ Apex of sepals and petals obtuse to rounded; lip with semiorbicular lateral lobes, midlobe entire.   Lecanorchis thalassica

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