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Hypochaeris radicata L., Sp. Pl. 811. 1753; Peng, Bot. Bull. Acad. Sin. 19: 84. 1978.


Hypochaeris radicata

Credit: HAST

Perennials from a thick crown; taproot one or roots several, thick; spreading hispid toward base; stems few to several, erect or ascending, 15-60 cm tall, branched above or simple in small plants, with few to several widely spaced bracteoles; basal leaves oblanceolate, (4-)8-15(-30)×1-3(-7.5) cm, remotely toothed or pinnatifid. Inflorescence of few to several heads terminating branches; heads rather showy, ligules bright yellow; involucral bracts minutely ciliolate at apex, otherwise glabrous or coarsely retrorsely hispid on midrib, imbricate, in several series, outer bracts short, blunt-tipped, progressively longer inward, innermost narrowly lanceolate, 10-20 mm long, narrowly attenuate; palea long, linear, attenuate, membranaceous; achenes 3-7 mm long, more or less terete, longitudinally ribbed, ribs barbellate, beak slender, 7-10 mm long, or outer ones only short-beaked; pappus tawny, in 2 distinct rows; outer bristles 3-6 mm long, barbellate or sparingly plumose, inner ones 9.5-12.5 mm long, plumose. Chromosome number, 2n = 8 (Peng & Hsu, 1978).

ILAN: Nanshan to Matang, Chen 215; Ssuyuan, Peng 5558. MIAOLI: Kuanwu, Peng 9403. TAICHUNG: Lishan, Jeng 1741; Yunlin Lodge, Liu 968. NANTOU: Meifeng Farm, Peng 622; Tsueifeng, Peng 2322. HUALIEN: Songhsuehlou to Tayuling, Peng 13129.

Native of Europe, adventive in North America, northern Africa, Australia and Japan, usually in weedy habitats. Taiwan, widely naturalized in the central mountain region, common in meadows, on roadsides and around mountain farms, 1,700-2,400 m.


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