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Erigeron morrisonensis var. fukuyamae (Kitam.) Kitam., Acta Phytotax. Geobot. 4: 151. 1935.


Erigeron morrisonensis var. fukuyamae

Credit: HAST

  • Erigeron fukuyamae Kitam.

    This variety is distinguished from var. morrisonensis by following points:
    1. Stems longer and usually branching.
    2. Leaves linear to linear-lanceolate.
    3. Heads smaller, 1.2-2 cm in diameter.
    4. Florets usually trisomic: (1) marginal ligulate pistillate, (2) marginal tubular pistillate, and (3) disc tubular bisexual florets mixed.

    ILAN: Taipingshan, Peng 7860. MIAOLI: Tahsuehshan, Wang 4976; Takuanshan entrance, Huang 3612. TAICHUNG: Hsuehshan, Peng 9654. NANTOU: Kuankao to Chunguangchinkuang, Chen 81, Tienchih, Liao 1364. CHIAYI: Alishan, Peng 4614, Tatachianpu to Paiyunshanchuang, Leu 244. KAOHSIUNG: Yakou logging road, Wang. 1106; Chinching Bridge, Wang 1133. TAITUNG: Takuanshan, Peng 11811; Hsiangyang, Peng 11866. HUALIEN: Chingshuishan, Leu 1771, Mt. Taihasen, Fukuyama s. n. 1932 (TYPE!).

    Endemic; in mountain regions, 1,500-3,400m.

    Variety morrisonensis is restricted to alpine regions above 3,400 m. Between 2500 and 3400 m, are plants that appear intermediate between var. morrisonensis and var. fukuyamae. These plants have linear-lanceolate leaves and relatively large heads. The heads are sometimes tripmorphic and sometimes not in these intermediates.


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