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15. Caryopteris Bunge, Pl. Mongholico-Chin. 27. 1835.

莸属 you shu

Caryopteris tangutica

Credit: Harvard University Herbaria

Cardioteucris C. Y. Wu.

Herbs, subshrubs, or shrubs, erect or climbing. Leaves opposite, simple, entire or dentate, usually with glistening glands. Flowers in lax or dense cymes often aggregate into thyrses, rarely solitary. Calyx (4- or) 5- (or 6)-dentate or -lobed. Corolla short tubed, slightly 2-lipped, margin entire or dentate; lobes 5, spreading; lower lobe larger, concave, fringed. Stamens 4, often strongly exserted, inserted on apical part of corolla tube. Ovary 4-locular; ovules pendulous or laterally attached. Stigma 2-cleft. Fruit dry, usually dividing into four nutlets.

Sixteen species: C and E Asia, 14 species in China.

1 Inflorescences terminal, narrowly cylindric thyrses, sharply differentiated from vegetative shoots, cymes subtended by very reduced bracts.   (2)
+ Inflorescences axillary or subterminal, mostly cymes, sometimes compact thyrses or reduced to a solitary flower, all except sometimes the uppermost subtended by normal leaves.   (3)
2 (1) Thyrses lax; lateral cymes to 5-flowered; calyx clearly 2-lipped; corolla white   12 Caryopteris siccanea
+ Thyrses very dense; lateral cymes more than 5-flowered; calyx deeply 6-lobed; corolla bluish purple   13 Caryopteris bicolor
3 (1) Inflorescences dense axillary thyrses; fruit globose, ca. 4 as long as calyx   14 Caryopteris paniculata
+ Inflorescences axillary or subterminal cymes, often corymbose, sometimes reduced to 1 flower; fruit usually winged or lobed, to 2 as long as calyx.   (4)
4 (3) Leaf blade entire or with occasional teeth.   (5)
+ Leaf blade regularly crenate or serrate.   (8)
5 (4) Leaf blade linear-lanceolate or linear-oblong to narrowly oblanceolate, abaxial veins often darker than rest of leaf surface.   (6)
+ Leaf blade elliptic to subrounded, abaxial veins same color or paler than rest of leaf surface.   (7)
6 (5) Leaf blade adaxially puberulent; corolla 10-15 mm; ovary glabrous   1 Caryopteris mongholica
+ Leaf blade adaxially glutinous and shiny; corolla 6-8 mm; ovary hairy   2 Caryopteris glutinosa
7 (5) Leaf blade elliptic to narrowly ovate; corolla whitish to yellow, rarely pale blue   3 Caryopteris forrestii
+ Leaf blade ovate to subrounded; corolla purplish   4 Caryopteris jinshajiangensis
8 (4) Cymes dense, corymbose, without bracts and bractlets; abaxial corolla lobe fringed to dentate; nutlets winged, glabrous or with subapical tuft of stiff coarse hairs.   (9)
+ Cymes lax, rarely clearly corymbose, with bracts and bractlets; abaxial corolla lobe entire; nutlets not winged, uniformly puberulent.   (11)
9 (8) Corolla glabrous except for a patch of long lanate hairs on each lobe   7 Caryopteris trichosphaera
+ Corolla uniformly appressed puberulent.   (10)
10 (9) Leaf blade same color on both surfaces; nutlets with subapical patch of stiff coarse hairs   5 Caryopteris incana
+ Leaf blade distinctly white abaxially; nutlets glabrous   6 Caryopteris tangutica
11 (8) Cymes more than 5-flowered, branches divaricate; calyx shallowly bowl-shaped, exposing nutlets   11 Caryopteris divaricata
+ Cymes 1-5-flowered, branches not divaricate; calyx campanulate, enclosing nutlets.   (12)
12 (11) Leaf blade irregularly sharply serrate with 1-3 teeth per side, those subtending cymes subentire; ovary and nutlets with yellow hairs   10 Caryopteris aureoglandulosa
+ Leaf blade, including those subtending cymes, regularly serrate to crenate with 4-10 teeth or lobes per side; ovary and nutlets with white hairs.   (13)
13 (12) Leaf blade crenate with 4-6 rounded lobes per side; flowers always solitary   8 Caryopteris nepetifolia
+ Leaf blade serrate with 6-10 sharp teeth per side; flowers mostly in (2- or) 3-5-flowered cymes, rarely solitary   9 Caryopteris terniflora

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