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95. Flemingia Roxburgh ex W. T. Aiton, Hort. Kew., ed. 2. 4: 349. 1812.

千斤拔属 qian jin ba shu

Authors: Ren Sa & Michael G. Gilbert

Luorea Necker ex J. Saint-Hilaire; Maughania J. Saint-Hilaire.

Shrubs or subshrubs, rarely herbs, erect or trailing. Leaves digitately 3-foliolate or simple; stipules persistent or caducous; stipels absent; leaflets usually with sessile glands abaxially. Inflorescence axillary or terminal, racemose or compound racemose, rarely paniculate or capitate. Bracts 2-columned; bracteoles absent. Calyx 5-lobed; lobes narrow and long, lower one longest; tube short. Corolla longer than calyx or included; standard oblong or elliptic, base clawed, with auricles; wings very narrow, auriculate. Stamens diadelphous; vexillary stamen free; anthers uniform. Ovary subsessile; ovules 2; style filiform, glabrous or slightly hairy; stigma small, capitate. Legume elliptic, dehiscent, inflated, not septate. Seeds 1 or 2, almost orbicular, without strophiole.

About 30 species: tropical Asia, Africa, Oceania; 15 species (two endemic) in China.

The generic synonym Maughania is very often written incorrectly as "Moghania."

1 Leaves simple   (2)
+ Leaves digitately 3-foliolate   (5)
2 (1) Inflorescence a raceme or panicle; bracts small, ovate to ovate-lanceolate.   4 F. paniculata
+ Inflorescence a thyrse of cymelets, each initially enclosed by large overlapping incurved bracts   (3)
3 (2) Leaflets orbicular-cordate; standard with lobe as long as broad, contracted above auricles, and obovate or obcordate.   1 F. chappar
+ Leaflets ovate, narrowly ovate, elliptic, or oblong; standard with lobes not contracted above auricles, transversely elliptic or broadly orbicular; wings much narrower than keel   (4)
4 (3) Leaves 3-7 cm wide, base rounded or slightly cordate, petiole usually 5-15 mm.   3 F. strobilifera
+ Leaves 1.5-2.5 cm wide, base cuneate, subsessile or petiole usually 1-5 mm.   2 F. fluminalis
5 (1) Prostrate herbs; stipules persistent; inflorescence compact   (6)
+ Erect shrubs; stipules usually deciduous (persistent in F. stricta)   (7)
6 (5) Leaflets 4-7 cm, elliptic or ovate-lanceolate; stipules linear-lanceolate; inflorescence 2-2.5 cm.   13 F. prostrata
+ Leaflets 1-5 cm, oblong or almost obovate; stipules ovate; inflorescence 2-10 cm.   14 F. procumbens
7 (5) Inflorescence a long-pedunculate capitulum; bracts 1.5-2 cm, persistent.   15 F. involucrata
+ Inflorescence peduncle extremely short, racemes or panicles; bracts 0.4-1.2 cm, persistent or deciduous   (8)
8 (7) Peduncle conspicuous, axis slender.   5 F. lineata
+ Peduncle inconspicuous, axis robust   (9)
9 (8) Leaflets usually more than 20 cm; stipules persistent; standard strongly contracted, narrowed above auricles.   6 F. stricta
+ Leaflets less than 20 cm; stipules deciduous; standard not contracted   (10)
10 (9) Leaflets usually 8-19 cm, lateral veins not grooved adaxially   (11)
+ Leaflets usually 2-10 cm, lateral veins ± grooved adaxially   (13)
11 (10) Whole plant densely rusty tomentose; bracts elliptic to elliptic-lanceolate, apex obtuse.   7 F. latifolia
+ Whole plant densely gray or grayish brown pubescent or silky villous; bracts ovate to triangular   (12)
12 (11) Petiole with narrow wings; leaflets usually glabrous except for veins; inflorescence lax.   8 F. macrophylla
+ Petiole without wings; leaflets densely pubescent, especially in lower part; inflorescence congested.   9 F. mengpengensis
13 (10) Branchlets without obvious lenticels; leaflets abaxially glabrous or almost glabrous except for veins.   12 F. kweichowensis
+ Branchlets with obvious lenticels; leaflets abaxially densely tomentose   (14)
14 (13) Branchlets and abaxial surface of leaflets gray to grayish brown tomentose.   10 F. wallichii
+ Branchlets and both sides of leaflets brown tomentose.   11 F. grahamiana

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