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1. Maesa Forsskål, Fl. Aegypt.-Arab. 66. 1775.

杜茎山属 du jing shan shu

Shrubs or rarely small trees. Leaves entire, serrate, or dentate at margin, usually punctate. Inflorescences racemose, often paniculate; bracts small; bracteoles 2, usually subtending base of calyx. Flowers 5-merous, bisexual or polygamous. Calyx funnelform, adnate to ovary, lobes valvate. Corolla white or yellowish, campanulate, often punctate-lineate. Stamens free, included. Ovary semi-inferior or inferior, aborted in staminate flowers; ovules numerous, on a globose free-central placenta. Style as long as or longer than stamens; stigma entire or 3-5-lobed. Fruit globose or ovoid berries or drupes with a crustose endocarp, apex ± covered by persistent calyx, often longitudinally orange punctate-lineate. Seeds small, numerous, angular, embedded in a hollow placenta.

About 200 species: primarily in Old World tropics; 29 species in China.

1 Branchlet apex hirsute, hirtellous, puberulent, pilose, velutinous, or brown scaly.   (2)
+ Branchlet apex glabrous or glandular granulose, early glabrescent.   (16)
2 (1) Branchlets brown scaly.   (3)
+ Branchlets white pilose-tomentulose or brown velutinous tomentulose, hirsute, or hirtellous and reddish glandular granulose.   (4)
3 (2) Leaf blade leathery, rugose, apex cuspidate-acuminate, acumen 4-6 mm; petiole thick, 2-3.5 cm   1 Maesa rugosa
+ Leaf blade papery, not rugose, apex caudate-acuminate, acumen 8-20 mm, petiole thin, 0.7-1.5 cm   2 Maesa chisia
4 (2) Branchlets white pilose-tomentulose or brown velutinous-tomentulose.   (5)
+ Branchlets hirsute or stramineous hirtellous and reddish glandular granulose.   (9)
5 (4) Branchlets white pilose-tomentulose.   (6)
+ Branchlets brown velutinous-tomentulose.   (7)
6 (5) Leaf blade leathery, secondary veins connected by submarginal vein   3 Maesa cavinervis
+ Leaf blade membranous, secondary veins free to margin, without submarginal vein   4 Maesa montana
7 (5) Leaf blade linear-lanceolate; calyx lobes densely dull red punctate and punctate-lineate   5 Maesa macilentoides
+ Leaf blade lanceolate to ovate; calyx lobes puberulent or inconspicuously pellucid.   (8)
8 (7) Inflorescences punctate 5-8 mm; leaf base obtuse   6 Maesa brevipaniculata
+ Inflorescences (10-)20-40 mm; leaf blade base truncate to cordate   7 Maesa macilenta
9 (4) Plants hirsute.   (10)
+ Plants hirtellous and glandular granulose.   (13)
10 (9) Petiole 1.2-2.5 cm; pith hollow.   (11)
+ Petiole 0.4-1(-1.2) cm; pith solid.   (12)
11 (10) Plants gray hirsute; branchlets terete; inflorescences racemose, ca. 6 cm; leaf blade apex caudate-acuminate, margin serrate, teeth not callose   8 Maesa insignis
+ Plants reddish hirsute; branchlets angular; inflorescences glomerate or paniculate, rarely to 4 cm; leaf blade apex cuspidate, margin serrate or dentate, teeth callose   9 Maesa permollis
12 (10) Inflorescences racemose, 0.4-1 cm; leaf blade oblanceolate   10 Maesa ambigua
+ Inflorescences few-branched panicles, 3-7 cm; leaf blade lanceolate   11 Maesa longilanceolata
13 (9) Petiole 0.4-1 cm; leaf blade base obtuse to rounded.   (14)
+ Petiole 1-2(-3) cm; leaf blade base acute.   (15)
14 (13) Calyx lobes acuminate; pedicel 1.5-2 mm   12 Maesa parvifolia
+ Calyx lobes acute; pedicel 1.2-1.5 mm   13 Maesa marioniae
15 (13) Inflorescences racemose-spicate; pedicel obsolete to 0.8 mm; calyx conic   14 Maesa argentea
+ Inflorescences paniculate or rarely racemose; pedicel 1.8-2 mm; calyx discoid   15 Maesa perlarius
16 (1) Branchlet apex glabrous.   (17)
+ Branchlet apex glandular granulose, early glabrescent.   (19)
17 (16) Leaf blade leathery, apex cuspidate; inflorescences glomerate, shorter than petiole   16 Maesa reticulata
+ Leaf blade membranous or papery, apex caudate-acuminate; inflorescences paniculate, longer than petiole.   (18)
18 (17) Leaf blade membranous, adaxially dull, abaxially and hypanthium densely black punctate-lineate; inflorescence rachis and pedicels densely and minutely glandular granulose   17 Maesa striatocarpa
+ Leaf blade papery, adaxially glossy, abaxially and hypanthium inconspicuously pellucid punctate; inflorescence rachis and pedicels glabrous and glossy   18 Maesa acuminatissima
19 (16) Leaf blade margin undulate, subentire, or entire.   (20)
+ Leaf blade margin serrate or serrate-dentate.   (24)
20 (19) Leaf blade membranous or papery; pedicel 1-2 mm.   (21)
+ Leaf blade leathery or rarely papery; pedicel 2.5-4 mm.   (22)
21 (20) Branchlets terete, lenticellate; calyx lobes densely punctate-lineate; bracts and bracteoles wider than long; inflorescence rachis and pedicels glabrous   22 Maesa consanguinea
+ Branchlets angular, without lenticels; calyx lobes punctate; bracts and bracteoles longer than wide; inflorescence rachis and pedicels minutely glandular granulose   23 Maesa ramentacea
22 (20) Leaves prominently black punctate-lineate; bracts subulate, bracteoles and calyx lobes longer than wide, apery, apex acute   21 Maesa hupehensis
+ Leaves inconspicuously pellucid punctate; bracts, bracteoles, and calyx lobes much wider than long, leathery, apex obtuse to rounded.   (23)
23 (22) Leaf blade linear-lanceolate, bullate, margin revolute, entire; fruit reddish, punctate-lineate, wrinkled   19 Maesa salicifolia
+ Leaf blade lanceolate, oblong, or rarely ovate, smooth, flat, margin subentire to serrate distally; fruit yellowish, smooth   20 Maesa japonica
24 (19) Petiole 2-4 cm.   (25)
+ Petiole 1-1.8 cm.   (26)
25 (24) Inflorescences densely and minutely glandular granulose; pedicel 2-2.5 mm at maturity; branchlets sparingly lenticellate; leaves membranous, adaxially dull   24 Maesa confusa
+ Inflorescences glabrous; pedicel 0.8-1.5(-2) mm at maturity; branchlets without lenticels; leaves thin leathery, adaxially glossy   25 Maesa membranacea
26 (24) Calyx lobe and bracteoles obtuse to rounded apically; inflorescence rachis and pedicels densely and minutely glandular granulose   26 Maesa indica
+ Calyx lobe and bracteoles acute apically; inflorescence rachis and pedicels glabrous.   (27)
27 (26) Leaf blade membranous, elliptic to ovate, margin serrate, teeth not callose; inflorescences 7-10 cm, racemose   27 Maesa tenera
+ Leaf blade papery, oblong to oblanceolate, margin serrate-dentate, teeth callose; inflorescences 1.5-4 cm, paniculate.   (28)
28 (27) Branchlets with hollow pith; leaf base subrounded or obtuse; bracteole and calyx lobe margins glandular ciliate; fruit ovoid   28 Maesa manipurensis

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