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7. Physochlaina G. Don, Gen. Hist. 4: 470. 1837.

泡囊草属 pao nang cao shu

Belenia Decaisne; Physochlaena Miers.

Herbs perennial. Roots stout, fleshy; rhizomes thick, short. Stems erect, much branched. Leaves petiolate; leaf blade membranous, entire and sinuate or with a few deltate teeth. Inflorescences axillary or terminal, usually many flowered, paniculate or umbellate, usually pedunculate, rarely subsessile, mostly bracteate. Flowers actinomorphic, 5-merous. Calyx tubular-campanulate, funnelform, or tubular-urceolate. Corolla campanulate or funnelform, basally contracted cylindric, slightly oblique at limb, lobes overlapping in bud, subequal. Stamens inserted in corolla tube, mostly exserted; anthers ovate, dehiscing longitudinally. Disc fleshy, ringlike, surrounding base of ovary. Ovary 2-locular. Style mostly exserted; stigma indistinctly 2-lobed. Fruiting calyx membranous or subleathery, enveloping capsule, with 10 longitudinal ribs and obvious netted veins, mostly open. Fruit a circumscissile, oblong or globose capsule, dehiscent slightly above middle. Seeds numerous, reniform, minutely pitted; embryo coiled.

About 11 species: Asia, six species in China.

1 Inflorescences open, few flowered, with leaflike bracts or without bracts; capsules mostly more than 1 cm in diam.   (2)
+ Inflorescences dense cymes or umbels, mostly with scalelike bracts; capsules less than 1 cm in diam.   (4)
2 (1) Leaves mostly larger than 14 × 8 cm; fruiting calyx membranous, cup-shaped, hardly contracted at apex, inflated at base; corolla dark purple; inflorescences without bracts   3 Physochlaina macrophylla
+ Leaves mostly less than 12 × 7 cm; fruiting calyx thick papery, apex tubular, sometimes contracted, base appressed to capsule; corolla yellow with purple veins; inflorescences bracteate.   (3)
3 (2) Leaves entire; calyx ca. 1/3 as long as corolla; fruiting calyx contracted at apex   1 Physochlaina praealta
+ Leaves with a few, coarse deltate teeth; calyx half as long as or longer than corolla; fruiting calyx terete, not contracted at apex   2 Physochlaina macrocalyx
4 (1) Flowers subsessile; fruiting pedicel less than 3 mm; inflorescences capitate; stamens included   6 Physochlaina capitata
+ Flowers obviously pedicellate; fruiting pedicel more than 10 mm; inflorescences umbellate cymes; stamens included or slightly exserted.   (5)
5 (4) Fruiting calyx funnelform, much longer than capsule; calyx teeth spreading; corolla yellow, tube pale purple; leaves subdeltate, with a few coarse deltate teeth   4 Physochlaina infundibularis
+ Fruiting calyx broadly ovoid or subglobose, about as long as capsule; calyx teeth slightly inflexed; corolla purple; leaves usually ovate, entire   5 Physochlaina physaloides

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