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4. Saussurea sect. Laguranthera (C. A. Meyer ex Endlicher) Lipschitz, Bot. Mater. Gerb. Inst. Bot. Akad. Nauk Uzbeksk. S.S.R. 15: 17. 1959.

纤维风毛菊组 xian wei feng mao ju zu

Saussurea [unranked] Laguranthera C. A. Meyer ex Endlicher, Gen. Pl. 468. 1838; Heterotrichum M. Bieberstein.

Perennial herbs or subshrubs, sometimes densely caespitose, with well-developed stems. Rootstock or caudex distinctly fibrous or with woody bark split in fibers. Stems solitary or several, erect or sometimes procumbent or ascending, usually branched, leafy. Leaves fleshy or herbaceous, undivided to pinnatisect. Capitula usually numerous, rarely solitary or few, solitary or in a corymbiform or paniculiform synflorescence, narrowly campanulate, tubular, or cylindric, usually not more than 1 cm in diam. Phyllaries imbricate, appressed, margin entire, without an apical appendage, apex acute to obtuse and sometimes with a mucro or an erect or reflexed cusp. Receptacle usually with filiform or subulate bristles, rarely without bristles. Corolla glabrous or minutely gland-dotted. Anther tails lanate. Achene glabrous or rarely gland-dotted, with or without a short apical crown. Pappus always in 2 rows; outer bristles usually scabrid; inner bristles plumose.

Sixty-four species: C, E, and SW Asia, E Europe; 49 species (30 endemic) in China.

1 Leaf blade thick, fleshy; plants usually on saline or alkaline soils   (2)
+ Leaf blade thin, not fleshy; plants not on saline or alkaline soils   (10)
2 (1) Flowering stems procumbent to ascending; receptacle usually naked.   92 S. famintziniana
+ Flowering stems erect; receptacle with bristles   (3)
3 (2) Leaf blade bipinnately divided or pinnatisect, secondary segments linear   (4)
+ Leaf blade pinnately divided, pinnately lobed, lyrate-pinnately lobed, or undivided with a sinuate-dentate margin   (5)
4 (3) Leaf blade glabrous or hispidulous; capitula 6-10 mm in diam.; outer phyllaries glabrous, apex acuminate.   93 S. lacostei
+ Leaf blade strigose or arachnoid; capitula 4-5 mm in diam.; outer phyllaries pubescent, apex subobtuse.   94 S. turgaiensis
5 (3) Plants grayish green; achene with a short crown   (6)
+ Plants green; achene without a crown   (8)
6 (5) Capitula numerous, in a densely congested corymbiform hemispheric synflorescence; stem 4-20(-30) cm tall; leaves to 3 cm wide.   97 S. daurica
+ Capitula solitary or few on branch ends; stem 15-50 cm tall; leaves 0.4-1.5 cm wide   (7)
7 (6) Leaf blade ovate, rhombic, obovate, or elliptic.   95 S. pseudosalsa
+ Leaf blade linear or narrowly elliptic.   96 S. aerjingensis
8 (5) Lower stem leaves pinnately cleft or pinnately divided; outer pappus bristles persistent.   99 S. kaschgarica
+ Lower stem leaves lyrate-pinnately lobed or lyrate-pinnately divided; outer pappus bristles caducous   (9)
9 (8) Terminal lobe of leaf blade large, triangular, sagittate, or hastate.   98 S. salsa
+ Terminal lobe of leaf blade smaller, narrowly ovate to elliptic.   100 S. maximowiczii
10 (1) Leaf sheath and base of petiole adaxially densely white lanate.   101 S. pulvinata
+ Leaf sheath and base of petiole adaxially glabrous   (11)
11 (10) Achene transversely rugose; capitula large, broadly obconic, 1-2 cm in diam.; corolla more than 1.8 cm.   102 S. pulchra
+ Achene not transversely rugose; capitula smaller, cylindric to narrowly campanulate, usually less than 1 cm in diam.; corolla usually less than 1.5 cm   (12)
12 (11) Phyllaries with apex acuminate and with a long conspicuous mucro   (13)
+ Phyllaries with apex obtuse, acute, or shortly acuminate or with a short mucro   (15)
13 (12) Leaf blade green and glabrous on both surfaces; capitula pendent.   105 S. alberti
+ Leaf blade abaxially grayish green, arachnoid or tomentose; capitula erect   (14)
14 (13) Leaf blade narrowly ovate or narrowly ovate-oblong, pinnately lobed, or undivided and margin sinuate-dentate.   106 S. larionowii
+ Leaf blade linear, undivided, margin entire.   107 S. mucronulata
15 (12) Perennial herbs, densely or laxly caespitose, or subshrubs; caudex or rootstock woody, branched; stems several to many   (16)
+ Perennial herbs, not caespitose, without a woody caudex or rootstock, rhizomatous; stem solitary   (28)
16 (15) Leaf blade pinnately lobed, pinnatisect, or bipinnatisect   (17)
+ Leaf blade undivided, margin entire, sinuate-dentate, dentate, or denticulate   (22)
17 (16) Leaf blade clearly bipinnatisect; segments 11-13 pairs.   119 S. deserticola
+ Leaf blade pinnatisect or pinnately lobed; segments 2-5 pairs   (18)
18 (17) Leaf blade segments subulate, linear, or narrowly triangular   (19)
+ Leaf blade segments ovate, elliptic, or triangular-ovate   (20)
19 (18) Leaf blade of lower stem leaves sparsely gland-dotted on both surfaces otherwise glabrous; leaf blade segments 2 or 3 pairs, subulate; phyllaries in 7 or 8 rows.   117 S. yabulaiensis
+ Leaf blade of lower stem leaves sparsely arachnoid and glandular on both surfaces; leaf blade segments 3-5 pairs, linear or narrowly triangular; phyllaries in 5 or 6 rows.   118 S. mae
20 (18) Involucre cylindric, 4-5 mm in diam.   110 S. kanzanensis
+ Involucre campanulate, 7-10 mm in diam   (21)
21 (20) Leaf blade elliptic, pinnately lobed to pinnatisect.   109 S. blanda
+ Leaf blade obovate, pinnately dentate to lyrate-pinnately lobed.   115 S. salemannii
22 (16) Capitula solitary or 2, at end of stem or branches.   116 S. popovii
+ Capitula few, in a corymbiform synflorescence   (23)
23 (22) Leaf blade grayish white and tomentose on both surfaces   (24)
+ Leaf blade abaxially green and subglabrous or grayish white tomentose, adaxially green and subglabrous   (25)
24 (23) Leaf margin entire.   112 S. cana
+ Leaf margin sinuate-dentate.   114 S. canescens
25 (23) Leaf blade linear or narrowly linear, 5 mm wide or less   (26)
+ Leaf blade narrowly elliptic, narrowly ovate, or oblong, more than 10 mm wide   (27)
26 (25) Leaf blade narrowly linear, 1-4 mm wide, margin dentate.   113 S. petrovii
+ Leaf blade linear, 2-5 mm wide, margin entire.   120 S. salicifolia
27 (25) Phyllaries not with a dark margin, apex acuminate and shortly mucronate; leaf blade abaxially pale or grayish green and glabrous or pubescent.   108 S. coronata
+ Phyllaries with a narrow dark margin, apex obtuse to rounded; leaf blade abaxially grayish white and densely arachnoid tomentose.   121 S. lomatolepis
28 (15) Leaf blade green, concolorous or abaxially paler green, abaxially sparsely strigose or glabrous   (29)
+ Leaf blade abaxially grayish white or grayish green and densely tomentose, arachnoid, or pubescent, adaxially green   (37)
29 (28) Leaf blade pinnately dentate to pinnatisect   (30)
+ Leaf blade undivided   (32)
30 (29) Leaf blade pinnately lobed or pinnately dentate.   135 S. tianshuiensis
+ Leaf blade pinnatisect   (31)
31 (30) Involucre tubular, 5-8 mm in diam.   133 S. acroura
+ Involucre campanulate to globose, 10-15 mm in diam   134 S. megaphylla
32 (29) Plants shortly stemmed, at most ca. 0.2 m tall.   103 S. ovata
+ Plants with tall stems, 0.3-2 m tall   (33)
33 (32) Plants 1-2 m tall; stem ca. 1 cm in diam. at base.   111 S. elata
+ Plants to 1.4 m tall; stem less than 1 cm in diam. at base   (34)
34 (33) Middle stem leaves triangular-ovate with a truncate base; phyllaries arachnoid lanate, apex reflexed and herbaceous.   127 S. sutchuenensis
+ Middle stem leaves elliptic or narrowly elliptic; phyllaries glabrous, sparsely arachnoid, or only apically bearded and surface scarious, apex erect and not herbaceous   (35)
35 (34) Leaves sessile; leaf blade narrowly ovate-elliptic to narrowly elliptic, 1-2 cm wide.   124 S. zhuxiensis
+ Leaves petiolate; leaf blade elliptic, 3-7 cm wide   (36)
36 (35) Capitula in a diffuse corymbiform- paniculiform synflorescence, long pedunculate.   128 S. dolichopoda
+ Capitula clustered at end of branches, in congested corymbiform synflorescence, shortly pedunculate.   129 S. saligna
37 (28) Leaf blade pinnately lobed, pinnatisect, or lyrate   (38)
+ Leaf blade undivided and margin entire or dentate   (43)
38 (37) Leaf blade lyrate-pinnatisect; plants less than 15 cm tall.   140 S. bartholomewii
+ Leaf blade not lyrate-pinnatisect; plants more than 15 cm tall   (39)
39 (38) Stem and petioles winged.   136 S. pteridophylla
+ Stem and petioles unwinged   (40)
40 (39) Stem usually with short sterile axillary shoots.   132 S. elegans
+ Stem without short sterile axillary shoots   (41)
41 (40) Leaf blade bipinnately divided.   139 S. chrysanthemoides
+ Leaf blade pinnately lobed to pinnatisect   (42)
42 (41) Middle stem leaves with 2 or 3 pairs of lobes, abaxially white and densely tomentose; involucre obconic, 6-8 mm in diam.   137 S. compta
+ Middle stem leaves with 4-14 pairs of lobes, abaxially grayish green and thinly arachnoid; involucre tubular, ca. 5 mm in diam.   138 S. variiloba
43 (37) Leaf blade ovate, ovate-elliptic, elliptic, or oblong, more than 3 cm wide   (44)
+ Leaf blade narrowly oblong, narrowly ovate-elliptic, narrowly elliptic, or linear, less than 3 cm wide   (46)
44 (43) Leaves shortly petiolate (to 1 cm); leaf blade broadly ovate, margin sharply serrate; synflorescence supported by uppermost stem leaves.   104 S. licentiana
+ Leaves long petiolate (2.5-5 cm); leaf blade ovate, elliptic, or narrowly ovate-elliptic, margin denticulate or sinuate-dentate; synflorescence not supported by uppermost stem leaves   (45)
45 (44) Petiole unwinged; involucre narrowly cylindric, (3-)5-8 mm in diam.; phyllaries straw-colored, subglabrous, without a dark mucro.   130 S. conyzoides
+ Petiole winged; involucre narrowly campanulate, 8-10 mm in diam.; phyllaries whitish, arachnoid, with a dark mucro.   131 S. flexuosa
46 (43) Leaf blade linear, less than 1 cm wide.   126 S. integrifolia
+ Leaf blade narrowly ovate to narrowly elliptic, 1.5-3 cm wide   (47)
47 (46) Stem winged; leaf base decurrent, margin usually entire.   125 S. virgata
+ Stem unwinged; leaf base not decurrent, margin sinuate-dentate   (48)
48 (47) Plants 60-100 cm tall; middle stem leaves petiolate; capitula very numerous, in an ample paniculiform-corymbiform synflorescence.   122 S. polycephala
+ Plants 30-75 cm tall; middle stem leaves sessile; capitula 10-20, in a compact corymbiform synflorescence.   123 S. chinensis

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